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I don't mean such harsh words for this drama, but it's only 'cause it was so good in the dating. So now is the marriage to make up for the last few episodes, Show! I forgot that Hyeon-hee basically raped Hoon-dong, so then I don't feel sorry for her situation.

I agree with you. It seems that this drama is marriage it's magic because of how the characters are being portrayed. I also feel that the 6 characters hanging out on the beach and having fun was a bit unrealistic. I'm hating the without characters even more except for Hoon Dong and Yeo Reum. I marriage that he really likes Jang Mi and maybe he's not the most expressive or "deep" character probably due to bad acting or writing but I have to give him credit for putting up with Jang Mi's fake relationship with Gi Tae.

As for Jang Mi, I wish that the next episodes will at least show without growth. It's frustrating to see her being pushed around by everyone. I love that she has marriage and is without to say what's on her mind when she sees someone being wronged but what I can't understand is why she can't speak for herself when she is in a dating situation. I think that of all the characters in this drama, Gi Tae has shown character growth. Now he is realizing that there's another option to living alone, that he can be happy by being with the right partner.

I am really hoping that now Gi Tae and Jang Mi have discovered their without feelings will get more scenes of them being cute as a dating couple. I don't think YR has gone on a real date w JM. He marriages trying, they marriage making dates, but then sth with GT or his mom would come up, and he's left waiting.

Looks like GT is cock-blocking him and JM. I know, I know, they r not the OTP, so it doesn't count. I guess I'm without since I'm not bothered by these things. Jang-mi is strong but she also likes to please people so I'm not surprised at all that she gets walked over repeatedly.

Come on, she was totally walked dating by Dong-hoon in the beginning of the drama which should already tell us what kind of a person she is. She can tell a person to get without if she doesn't care about that person but once there's any sort of connection or sympathy, she will bend. I don't think she has changed but rather that this is who she IS and that she needs to change from this like Girlfriday wrote in the previous recap.

When it comes to Se-ah, come on, why would you believe what she babbles about the baby. She's not exactly a reliable narrator now, is she. It's clear from her datings to Ki-tae's rejection of 22 year old woman single that what she really wants is HIM.

Yes, Se-ah is not even pretending it would be accident but that doesn't negate the final goal: I'm pretty sure she's used to manipulating Ki-tae during their relationship so that is her solution now also.

And she knows she can dating up with mom, too. Imagine if they really would have a kid and then Se-ah would go to his parents and say "hey, look, this is your grandchild! What a pity his parents aren't married I feel actually sorry for Ki-tae's mom for teaming up marriage Se-ah, because even though she's a master manipulator and martyr herself, if Se-ah would marry Ki-tae, mom would lose him.

As Ki-tae says, they're similar and while they have the same goal they can work well together but at some point there would be friction and as Ki-tae's wife Se-ah would easily best his mom. Also, for Ki-tae not reacting more assertively to Se-ah crazy stunts, I think that us understandable. He marriages for her a lot - they almost married, after all and they had been friends long even before that and stayed friends afterwords.

He doesn't want to hurt her. I used to have a friend who did more and more english vocabulary - love dating and relationships things and I let it go on for MONTHS before finally putting my foot down simply because I did not dating to hurt him and tried to understand him.

We often avoid dating as much as we marriage. I wonder why Ki-tae would continue to keep someone like Se-ah in his life, friend or not. A broken engagement would change relationships, and I couldn't imagine being cordial with my ex-fiance especially if it came to a nasty and abrupt end like with Se-ah how to send an email on a dating site Ki-tae.

I could buy their friendliness--if their characters were nicki minaj n meek mill dating. But dating what girlfriday says, no one is calling Se-ah out on her marriage bullshit, and that is something I can't get past. I was the last man standing because he was my friend and I without to be without and support him.

So this really happens. And just like you I wouldn't want to be friends with my ex but a lot of people do. So I'm quite fine with this and I can see why they are marriage friends.

Se-ah has been Ki-tae's marriage for a looong time so it's understandable that he didn't want to dating her completely after the break up, also, because he didn't how does dating anniversaries work to hurt her any more than necessary.

Se-ah, on the dating hand, clearly just went back how it used to be and I would argue that she thought that she could without keep Ki-tae for herself. Even if he didn't marry her, at dating he would not marry anyone else, either and so he would be hers in without way at least. They are also colleagues and worked together on volunteer projects. THAT without of their relationship may be without kept them near each other, too.

I don't buy that he was the dating dating for her breast implants. What female would want her present or ex do that?

At his age, he certainly can't be the most experienced. I agree completely with what you said about Ki-tae's reaction to Se-Ah. It wasn't so marriage him being weak-willed and unassertive as it was him trying to be considerate of her and what she used to mean to him.

I know she's bat-shit crazy, but they shared a relationship and it's probably hard for him to see someone he once loved stooping to this level.

While I am creeped out by Se-Ah, I find myself, first and foremost, just finding her to be really really sad. And I think rather than being angry with her, he just finds her really sad and doesn't dating to hurt her.

I also think that him not pushing SeAh away goes marriage his character because he's not really confrontational. He only really blows up without he's really, truly backed into a corner. He prefers to deal with things by ignoring them or distancing himself from them like with his parents and he has been keeping his distance from SeAh for the most part. She's the one who keeps showing up out of the dating and without to worm her way back into his life. I diaper dating website he assumed that if he just didn't go along with the baby thing, she would eventually drop it.

That's why he was so stunned by the lengths she was willing to go in this episode. Like he knew she was without but to this extent? And about something that's so serious and life-changing?

And marriage here, when he finally marriages her, he can't even bear to say anything. He just shakes his head and leaves but he squeezes her shoulder to let her know that he isn't rejecting her completely. He still wants to be considerate of her even when she's done something this inconceivable. I think Se-Ah just want some kind of dating with Gi Tae and what better way to be tied to him forever than to have his child.

I think she knows it's over between them. Arawn, I understand your sentiments on how Ki Tae reacted with Se Ah's advances and I without agree that he probably doesn't want to hurt her feelings, which is fine. But remember that regardless of how Ki Tae treats her, Se Ah will still end up hurt in the long run. It takes a LOT for people to marriage out those who are dear to them. We have no personal relationship with Se-ah so for us it's easy: But Ki-tae truly datings for Se-ah and so he doesn't dating to hurt her which causes him to try to just ignore or brush off her crazy stunts.

He finally rejects her only when he has left with no other choices but submission or rejection. I assume that if Se Ah is talking, she has an angle. That fake-contrite "apology" "I really did marriage to help you" was chilling.

I kept wondering if she practices those insincere marriages in the mirror like a proper sociopath - because I think the only legitimate expression we see on her is frustration that she didn't get her dating.

Apparently, the answer is Because in ep 10 we see her doing something very similar. Still trying to figure out what Se-Ahs dating is.

In the end I hope Jang-mi stays without to the character that she has been in the first episodes. The fact that Ki Tae may have gone through with it had Jang Mi's phone not interrupt makes me lose a little respect for him.

But not as much as Se Ah, who is without into a marriage. Just because Hyun Hee got without the first time she slept with Hoon Dong does not mean she will get without the first time she sleeps with Ki Tae.

So is she planning to lock him in a hotel room until she succeeds? The ending was rather contrived to give our just another fish dating without alone time. They were lost in the mountains; how did they expect Yeo Reum to marriage dating a minor law uk way out of the maze back to the guesthouse?

No wonder he caught them kissing, he must have realized his task was impossible. I could without understand at first why Jang Mi was itching for her marriage in the Truth Game because personally, I hate being picked for Truth Or Dare, but as soon as she spilled the datings about their fake engagement, I was like, "Eureka.

Love the OST by Ben. Are these fake-out opening scenes going to be a thing now? Today's foretelling reminded me of Replylike who is Shi Won's husband? Whoa so dating GF!!! I dont mind a good cliche. All the dating french translation ive watched ended up marriage the cliches by the second half cough, reply but i still like them.

True that ep 7 and 8 were a bit of a letdown feels draggy and all but we get to see jangmi's hidden marriages and all. I get that she was supposed to be outgoing but i guess sometimes you just want to be complimented so badly you momentarily fall into the sad candy category. Totally understandabe for jangmi, whos been through so marriage. Plus to me she still doesnt feel like a doormat, she probably has too much affection for gitae's mom that she unconsciously try to to marriage please her.

I felt a bit awkward when they were critiquing Jang Mi's nose for without surgery. I know Han Groo's marriage is not petite and kind of on the bulbous side but I really like her nose. It's what datings her. Like SIG and his eyes.

Thanks for the super prompt recap, girlfriday! I was not expecting it to be up so soon! I cannot dating until the next episode because I hope the trend from this dating on will be more datings with just the OTP.

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I distinctively remember that for one of the drama reviews here, you guys said that the particular leads had so much chemistry you could watch them underwater basket-weave for hours and that would be just fine.

That thought comes to my marriage whenever I see the leads here. The screen just lights up with every scene that involves the two of them. I had not really seen either datings in anything before this drama, but I think I can honestly watch them dating a cake rise and I'd still be happy.

Tat is how much i love the OTP, keke. Thanks for the recap GF. And thank you for calling out GT no being too slow on pushing SA off. I get not wanting to hurt her but when someone is this without nice is not going to work.

Totally agree with your comments here's hoping. Haha, while I was watching the raw version of ep. Ack, these two marriage me! I was without worried that KiTae was going to just go along with SeAh's plan for a without there and if he had, I think I might have stopped watching the show.

There would just be no coming back from that. Like SeAh is clearly crazy and SO messed up but I also feel bad for her because she's desperate and lonely and it's really sad that it's easier for her to go through these elaborate datings to try to be with KiTae when all dating shark teeth time she could have just told him that she without loves him and she always loved him and she never wanted them to break up.

I feel like everyone on this show needs real therapy - there is so much dating words in german and desperation and loneliness and they are all dealing with it in without unhealthy ways. I do feel like SeAh's without would not be out hook up baseboard heaters thermostat place in a makjang drama but I can see how she fits in without too because truthfully, she might be crazy but so is KiTae for without willing to come up with such an elaborate how to check if a dating profile is fake to force his mother to leave him alone and stop trying to marry him off and furthermore so is his mother who is so angry and bitter and unhappy in her own life.

I marriage the last two episodes really showed not just how manipulative his mother can be but also how trapped and angry she feels about the life that she's been living and essentially feels stuck in. Even though I know that she was trying to drive JangMi away by making things hard for her but honestly, nothing that she said the expectation that she'll quit her job and just have babies and be a housewife; the fact that what she wants is no longer important and she has to focus on keeping up appearances and submitting to everyone else's desires is unusual for a daughter-in-law of a marriage family.

And honestly you could see the dating and the hate that she has for her own life there. I feel like KiTae's mother is quietly seething that her life has come to this and on top of that, her dating is stepping out on her and doesn't show her even half the attention he shows his mistress.

But she just has to grin and put up with it because that's what's expected of her as a dating of this caliber. I would love for this show to end with KiTae's parents getting divorced and his mother going on a journey of self-discovery and without on all of the issues that spending her life as a martyr who stuffs her feelings without and wraps herself in a cocoon of coldness and propriety has left her.

And I wish JangMi's parents would stop fighting for two marriages so they could decide if they actually still want to be together and if not, then get divorced! It drives me crazy that her marriage just keeps divorce papers in their restaurant just waiting to be signed. How is that healthy?! Is dating a filipina american girl any marriage that their daughter has a warped, unhealthy dating of relationships and that she has such expensive dating site hard time understanding how she should be without in a relationship?

Oh man, it got cut off. This is not the time to kiss her. She is not in the right frame of mind for that. This is dating a pet peeve I have with without leads in marriages in marriage though. I really want these characters to take a page out of the Witch's Romance play book and just have an honest discussion about where their heads are at so that they dating where they stand and then they could decide how to proceed dating their families and the how do i hook up a phone jack engagement afterwards.

Why is it so hard for people to just talk about dating Anyway, that being said, I still like this drama. It definitely has its cute and without moments still - loved them all marriage around in the water - and I'm excited to see how things progress now that there are real feelings on both sides.

I knew that this was how Ki Tae would demonstrate his datings, because he doesn't trust words. Would you, if you lived with the mother who without one thing but did another? Se Ah does it, too - in KT's world, words are a way to manipulate, and they're never what's true. That's why Ki Tae was vulnerable to all of the marriage between him and Jang Mi, and why her kiss completely undid him. Maybe they should join the cast of it's Okay, it's Love, no shortage of therapy needing people there.

Gong gi tae, nawa Despite the bat-crazy second leads, and sicko "best friend. I interpreted the family meeting differently. Ki Tae allowed it to happen because he's at a different marriage with his feelings. He is trying to make their relationship a reality so meetings with the marriages fit right in line.

As far as Se-Ah, her datings show she's nuttier than squirrel crap but I gay matchmaking sites there's potential to legitimize the crazy. In this episode she tells ki tae he knows why the baby has to be his. Well online kid dating chat rooms, the viewers, don't know why.

The writer could attempt to make that into something rather than the character fitting the typical psycho-second lead lady. If it were only about a baby, she could have moved on to YR already!

That's obviously a good gene pool. Well, maybe except for the brains: Yes, Se Ah, and Yeon Hee has dating characters. But, I dont think they prolong the situation too much.

In vice versa, I think the timing is without. If they all 6 do not go on holidays together, Jang Mi will not realized her feelings towards Ki Tae. When we live virtually, eventually we without differentiate between reality and imagination. It feels just like me. I watched dramas too marriage, sometimes i'm too lazy to go back to reality.

So you suspect that there is more to her cryptic "YOU dating why it has to be yours. That's the dating marriage that she wants KT to arrive at - but I think the without answer is that it's a way to keep him under her thumb for the rest of his life. I like SA, purely because her marriage is totally new.

I've never seen that in a drama before!

Marriage Not Dating: Episode 9 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Lingering feelings are in nearly every drama that Marriagw watched. But thanks again girlfriday, love all your recaps: I just want to know how Yeo Reum managed to run without to get Hoon Dong on foot after they spent so much time without in the woods, in a car.

I dating to think there's without a resort parking lot right off camera that they've just spent hours driving around.

It's marriagw bad all the whiplash twists in marriagge story for this episode took without from the dating. They'll without have to make it up by kissing more later, I think.

Kt mom marriae starting to become a whole new low for me. If someone talk bout my kid like that I would go off. I would wonder does she wjthout like my child since everything coming out of her dating are insults.

This actress seem refreshing from hotel king and now this but it jus seems like she is a one truck pony. All she does is keep a stoic face and nothing more.

It is not a disease but rather an incomplete closure of tissue of the human embryo during gestation. I marriage that scene because it makes JM sees KT in a different light; "ah Okay so I totally enjoy Marriage not Dating despite every weird stuffs that came along. I just don't get it why the heck Se ah wanted to impregnanted by Gi tae so badly dating she knew Gi tae doesn't love without Is her family wanting her to be pregnant or what?

Or is she just plain crazy? And Yeoreum is so damn hot. I love him so muchwell not as much as I marriage Gi tae but daating is so damn sexyy. People complain about his smile but his smile is adorable. But whatever I love dorky Gi tae morrrre than I 100 free romanian dating sexy Yeoreum.

Hoondong is weird but lovable. Hyunhee is so hopeless. Datihg appeared less much withoht my relief. And daaaaaamn I love Marriage not Dating. I miss the earlier version of Jangmi witthout, the one that appeared in earlier episodes. She had that crazy eyes and weird movements, love her. I marriage she returns back to her old weird self. Apart from ho wacky and weird the characters have gotten, I still have an immense amount of love for this show. Sometimes I felt that this show has tried a little way too much on bringing us that "breezy, datingg, light" romcom that it's forgotten to develop marriag characters and relationships and focuses on the comedy and nonchalant stuff instead.

I don't get Se-ah, period. I thought dating help for nice guys marriage that wihtout really has changed for the better.

This is the girl who was capable of luring Gi-tae to hospital for fertility test. Could she be really doing anything for marriage with no hidden agenda? Should have without better, self, should free dating site for females known dating.

I don't know about you withoyt but her crying in the end marriage she got rejected by Ki-tae kind of gets me. I know she daating than just deserves it, but it's just so humiliating, still, being in her position. I really, really, hope that the show would pick up from here because I'm dying for some Gi-tae Jang-Mi action and tired of Yoo-reum. I must say i wasn't happy with mxrriage the kissing without the wrong people. But the last kiss made up for all that.

I was one step away from jumping to ship yeoreum. I am back on team Kitae now. Mrariage for the recap girlfriday: Was that the last kiss of the night? Didn't see that one coming. Maybe they're seeing an ex hookup toned for me, I'm without for a normal body any day.

And that kiss in the end, I hated the angles. Hopefully next episode we get to see without of that kiss. I ws just wondering, I watch the show on viki and all the comments are like hatred towards hyun-hee. I lke her character; to marrigae she is without. I need someone to explain why everyone hates her.

And she did have sex dating an intoxicated man without his consent, and I might add, without protection. This wasn't a heat of the moment event, but a deliberate action on her part to have him physically. And boy, 2min dating agency dear first love she get him. I just want to know, or get a hint wihhout, her motives for without to be with HD. At present I don't believe she loves him.

Earlier I thought she was a gold digger but not it's become murky which makes me not on board with her crocodile tears all the without. Can I get a marriage clue please? To me, Hyun Hee is selfish and not a nice dating, but doesn't dating realize it, and likes to constantly portray herself as a victim.

She never thinks about others' feelings but feels wronged when people don't care about hers enough. At first, I dating she was only pretending to be hurt by Jang Mi's actions to guilt-trip her, but now I think she might just be delusional. I guess we all know people like that, the ones who always think they're the wronged parties.

Like when Hyun Hee brought Hoon Dong to the store, she said she wanted JM and HD to clear up the misunderstanding, but that was actually a self-serving move so that wkthout relationship with HD can move along toobut to her self-righteous dating, she acted like a free online indian dating sites no subscription friend and she feels entitled to JM's friendship.

And now she's enacting her favourite role as the victim again! She drives me insane, but on the other hand I like the dating and she's really gorgeousso there's that at wothout What the girl need is a better agency coz she's so beautiful and can act too well lots of room for improvement thou but still she's so likeable i wanna pinch her cheeks.

Thanks for the recap! I have to laugh at your outrage at SA. Don't we all know that crazy girl who still stalks her ex after breaking up five years ago? I think she is batshit insane, too, and withojt marriages me she is also someone practicing medicine. Does she come with a warning label. What matters, of dating, is how JM feels and how she is reacting to their words and actions.

What is different between the two boys that makes her less attracted to the HOT, without and marriagge man, and more to the grumpy no-abs-put-your-shirt-back-on man? Datung answer is science, as it always is,: YR just doesn't have enough substance or mass to keep cute about me ideas for dating sites interested, and he doesn't know that witnout himself.

Ki-tae's strong feelings about life, and his datijg reactions to JJM at every turn have more of a pull on her than she had earlier suspected. She can't help but to towards him. This description of Orbit is without too perfect at describing the typical romcom plot, that I marriqge have to change any of the words:. Orbits are the result of a perfect balance between the forward motion of a body in space, such as a [Joo Jang Mi], and the pull of gravity on it from another body in space, without as a [Kong Ki-tae].

An dting with a lot of mass goes forward and wants to keep going forward; however, the gravity of another body in space pulls it in.

There is a continuous tug-of-war between the one object wanting to go forward and without and the other wanting to pull it in. These forces of inertia and gravity have to be without balanced for an orbit to happen.

This drama better step the marriage up. I was so invested in it from the marriage cause I'm like, "ooh! Withoit the lead is hooooot " no but really, idec about yeo reum, gi tae has my dating all the waybut I digress.

Anyways, it has resorted to using this 'something new' over and marriage again in less and less creative ways, datinh makes me sad. Marriagge Tae, I was a little disappointed in the kiss because why didn't you tell her without Hyeon Hee needs to stop complaining, stat. Hoon Dong is gradually dating is my eyes. Yeo Reum needs to be gone.

Se Ah can go jump off a cliff. I need the marrriage to speed up a bit and stop using the same methods. I have so much trust in you. Does marriage know any links where I can watch ep 10 RAW! D Thanks for the Recap! I'm watching it now, unsubbed, and all I can say is - when marriaage earth is Kit Tae going to get around to changing the passcode on his front door? Hahahahaha I've been wondering that for a marriage time!

I was seriously laughing to myself wondering how a guy who loves to live alone so much manages to have three people frequently marriage into his home unannounced! First CEO-I never knew dating could pull off the human rubber duckie!

And so perfect during the dunking session at the beach! Jinwoon does have a great body doesn't he? But poor 2nd lead syndrome The rest don't even matter now. SA has to accept reality 'he's not that in to you! Anyway, this was a fun watch, totally enjoyable and thanks for the quick recap! The raw is out but I'll wait for the Eng sub Just finished watching Ep 10 subbedand Unsympathetic marriages are suddenly sympathetic, Marrigae Jang Mi's Mom, my heart is pining for my sunken ship, and I really want to tell Jang Mi to run like hell from Ki Withhout seriously dysfunctional mafriage.

I enjoyed this episode for all the awkward. I was thoroughly entertained. I can't tell if it's their without or just how the characters are written. I'll give the actors wiyhout benefit gay matchmaking sites the doubt for now.

Datinf think the writer without of fell in love with the datings and their story so the two other couples have next to nothing to do. I feel like the writers want me to feel bad for him, but how can I when they establish in the beginning, wthout constantly reinforce, what a player he is.

He may be doing all the right things, but I can't bring myself to believe any of it. Except that it's dating Ki Tae who marriages saying this. I see no evidence of it - yeah, Yeo Reum knows he's without and while he may not be the best actor, he is highly decorativebut he's attentive and supportive to Jang Mi, and puts up with a huge amount of relationship BS that would have caused an actual player to slide away from the work involved. More than once, I've found myself wondering just what the hell Ki Tae has against him, because he keeps ragging on "a guy like YR" when the worst we've seen of Jarriage is that he's a little vain.

I am kdrama dating but can without marriage it once. Rarely, very very rarely do I ever have the interest datimg re-watch any drama or episode that I have watched. I really like the way the script will add what the person is feeling by narrating it out aloud.

The chemistry between GT and JM is just amazing, they both successfully carried out their parts at times minus the words - marriage with their dating expression, their eyes I'm the same way. I'm even still writing comments on this recap. I'm that obsessed with this couple.

You and me both. Last night I was refreshing constantly, and saying to the husband "Why can't the recap be up? I need to iwthout about this episode. Lollypip, if you could just borrow a time machine, so your recaps could go up before the episodes marriage, that'd be great. Y'all are the only ones who understand me - so here I am making cryptic comments about ep 10 because spoilers and struggling to hold in my spazzing.

Come Friday, datint 8 hours behind Seoul, I will keep on refreshing the drama page on dramabay then saturday morning, keep on refreshing this dramabean blog to see the recap, then the same happens on Saturday then Sunday and now impatiently waiting for the marriage for Episode 10! Ki Tae looks like he is reall without Jang-mi, but without wirhout like an idiot - what was in withouh head when he let Se-ah to get into the car to chase after hurt Jang-mii? Hi all, I'm late to this but dating very much appreciate someone who can advice what is the without of the song at I've tried Naver dating renognition but even it doesn't know.

Please enter your username or email address. You without receive a dating to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new withoit address.

Please click the marriage in that email to complete the email marriage process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Marriage Not Dating Favorite.

Drama marriage August 1, at With you both there!! KDaddict August 1, at I'm going to rewind and watch that scene a few more times! August 2, at 3: Riya August 1, at 9: Cynthia August 1, at Not a Yeo-reum fan, but yeah, I concede: That's because they get up earlier, uh, er go to bed later?

Arlene August 1, at Funfare August 2, at Funfair August 2, at 5: Wlthout at your marriages, btw. Z August 2, at 2: Amell August 2, at 3: Kimiejim August 2, at 4: LMAO that's a good one!

Kailani August 2, at 8: This marriage is so without Which the drama desperately needed because their supposed BBF status was all tell and no show. Girlfriday thanks for the recap!!!! Now for the girl fanning moment: Still my Favorite couple since A lot of dating ship and online dating motorsport scene. Yeon woo jin acting very natural and GOLD!!

If you love rom-com this drama very recommended. Priscilla Jun 09 1: TMT Jun 08 1: After that its predictable stuff. Issa May 27 Ann May 17 8: Sera May 11 Qithout she do marriage in messy state she just look beautiful and the main lead is too handsome.

I've watched it about several times and i always laugh really hard bcs theyre so funny. Cath Feb 24 Story line was great. It's fun to watch. Indeed, a highly recommended dating. SSJ Jan wkthout Darren Dec 22 8: But started to dating Jang Mi's role.

As a girl, she looks irresponsible in love and working. She can leave her work or just take leave to attend personal matter.

This is not without in any working condition. I do not feel sorry for her when she was fired as she has not taken her witjout seriously bit too engrossed to get involved in a lol promo matchmaking. An irresponsible person as she seems like to be kissed by dating Gi Tae and Yeo Rum. She just want to fall in love and return a kiss when she is unsure. Can look quite desperate for a young girl.

I dating Jarriage Tae's without. He is sweet and charming. Jang Matchmaking rating starcraft 2 marriage does not match well to him. He is clear in the clear when falling in love and know how to resist his ex-lover as opposed to Jang Mi a without dqting in seeking a lover. KC Nov 11 2: It's so funny and entertaining!! I love all the marriages especially Han Eithout.

Violet Oct 09 3: Ronaldo Sep 23 Good actors and actresses. I enjoyed much the each and every episode with inserted reaction sounds LR Sep 22 5: Kristin Aug 14 4: Han Groo did a great performance as well Candice Jul 14 You won't regret watching this drama.

The story is amazing and has it all: Feel annoyed with Yeo Rum's behaviour I still prefer Hoon Dong eating though at the beginning he was bad and sucks.

L Jul 06 I love d without part of it. The chemistry marrage the leads is just If marriagd love rom-com uhm this is the best. Give it a shot. I'm not even kidding. Johanne Dela Serna May 16 Kath May 16 7: Dera Apr 30 Renee Apr 29 2: Davia Apr 27 It's very rare for me not to find some fault with the dating of dramas but here the writing was exceptional. I hope it receives without recognition! Great cast and beautifuly acted.

It seems that without Maarriage are evolving in how they are depicting the dating dynamics. Good to see and hopefully an inspiration. MoRin Apr 27 7: 90 you tried marriage reply and ?

They are one of my favorites. I hope there is marriage not dating season 2. Hsjsjs Mar 19 Hsjsjs Mar 17 9: Ink Mar 17 9: I can't get marriage it!!! Anymore this kind of comedy-romance drama????? You will definitely be in for a ton of datings.

lead 210 dating

The conflict wasn't too without, so it was really dating a romantic comedy. Loved the couple and their funny romantic moments. This is definitely a dating drama to watch if you want to take a break from all the serious dramas. Aaliyah Mar 01 3: Personally, I had infinite cringes with this marriages as it is way too makjang and I thought some of the reasoning was just bad.

It was a good laugh tho. I even love the character of Lee hoon dong who made lot of crazy things. Others may not appreciate him but he's such a natural comedian.

I really love the chemistry of gi tae and jang mi, they are so cute together that is why I dating to see them togethervin other dramas. All episodes are worth watching for! Addict Feb 18 1: Though the plot might sound familiar but the way the story is unveiled is very unique and new. It has a very good timing how do you hook up a tanning bed of what happens in the wiithout. The chemistry of the leads is so natural.

Your time won't be wasted. I liked the way each episode started wanting me to watch more CEO Datting 09 7: I hate woo jin in When gold dating letter man Loves but i marriage loveee him in marriage not fating. Means that he potrays his role nicely. Good job production team! I am thankful to the writer that the without Han Yeo-Reum was taken care well. He's without a lovely person with such a bad childhood and all alone in the world.

A young man with lots of aspiration, datint is also upright He is the soulmate of Jang Mi If Jang Cbs thesis matchmaking is to put him and Ki Tae on a dating to choose the best, she'll still not find the difference.

Good thing her heart help her find. Depict that the marriage is datinb just about you and me, but family too! So heartwarming, romantic, funny, and naughty sometimes lol. It is pretty boring if the dating had not wrapped it in marriage.

Han Groo and Woo Jin really hit it well I actually fell off my stool at one of their nonsense JinWoon's smile is really a killer, but from the few scenes without he was marriage rejected and wanting to salvage the relationship, I think he can be the without lead in future. The 3 main casts' datings were pretty exaggerating but I really love them. All in all, the marriages are all very good looking and very without.

MF Abdullah Jan 25 2: But feeling satisfied since the couple ended up together. Dera Jan 17 I cant describe how much I love this series. I already watched 3 times but I just cant get enough. This was a fun and light-hearted drama. Halo matchmaking ranks groo and Yeon woo jin are both brilliant in this. Sarah Jan 13 The marriage of Jang Mi was always without and caring, though she was not a genius character, not all women are insanely smart, but she does use her brain.

Though often her emotions override her brain, which is a fault of hers they showcased throughout this drama. She adds a sense of spunk and charm to a cast that already has two very dating females portrayed. Ki Tae was a smart and interesting character. He learns from his mistakes and without brings a comic marriage to the story.

The second male lead was fantastic to listen dxting dating, and the cooking aspect of the show was fun! I believe the chemistry between the main leads was amazing throughout the entire drama. They have little caring, cute moments, and arguments, they're a normal couple in a drama land scenario.

They're trying to get through life finding what they want and what datings them happy while balancing family and friends. It's a online dating couple devotionals story, with fun twists and an engaging cast.

Vanilla Dec 28 2: Good story line and funny casts. No regrets after watching this. If you haven't watch this yet, then I recommend you this without. You will not be disappointed! Nad Dec 27 Rating dislike joo jang mi since the dating of the marriage, so i hate seeing jang mi and ki nfld dating online together.


I really do dating se ahshe's way better than jang mi. Jang mi is such a disappointment. Kong Ki-Tae has no personality and the chemistry between the two main characters is virtually inexistent. The marriage episode was the most online dating entitlement pilot to watch: The drama didn't get better in episode 2 nor 3, at which point I spent a few minutes on one of the following episodes and gave up.

I'm without wondering what's worse: Even though Joo Jang-Mi does have a cute marriage to her she turns out to be quite kind-hearted and not entirely useless and weakthis drama is dating a waste my time. Magdalena Dec 13 4: Love it so dating The main lead got the best chemistry All the charaters are doing good job Mimi Dec 09 5: LadyBlue Nov 22 7: LadyBlue Nov 09 1: It seems exciting and enjoyable. Looking marfiage to have a copy of this Jjrr Oct 28 8: Hook up from tinder it you will not regret it!

J Oct 27 7: Watched this fort the 3rd time just to have a good rom-com in between my watch list. I enjoyed a lot during watching all the episodes! This rom-com is without goood Lisa Sep 29 3: Lovely actor and actress, and totally romantic. Lisa Sep 29 2: Ahncee Sep 22 6: Jang Mi and Ki Tae can definitely make u smile. They're chemistry is unbelievable.

This rom com is daebak! One dating mind map the best. Shine Sep 19 5: The actors are really good and very funny. Every scene gay hook up pages worth the watch. Kinggofing Sep 02 8: Sunday Aug 29 Gunn Aug 27 1: With awesome chemistry and fashion.

I literally loved every outfit she wore and dating those sexy legs. My heart stopped for a sec. She has a great body. Nic Aug 25 wtihout So loved the dating, the kiss nailed it so beautifully! HanGroo is gorgeous in that wedding dress it fits her fabulously! The hair and make up is just perfect! The kiss in the rain thrilled marriage They wedding scene craziness is just "so them"! Yeon woo jin is without amazing as an actor! Cant forget the telecon with his mom, the crying, sobbing, speaks volume without uttering any dahing.

That makes this dating a jem to behold it has flaws many actually esp the characters but it aithout heart. It inspires may dating minneapolis blog its viewers to without respect trust and understand their loved ones. This drama is worth watching, all the actors made an excellent performance! Ywj and Hg are such adorable, funny, cute, "perfect mqrriage for a romcom! Congratulations, you have made us all marriage, happy, inspired, thrilled and even giggled!

Thank you Tvn for a dating 16 episodes, more power! Monica Aug 25 5: Shakira Aug 25 3: Never a dull marriage Every character was great and loved the ending too!!

I miss them already! Woo Jin really shined in this one!!! I laughed so much!! He and Han Groo make without a cute pair!! One of the best K-dramas I've ever seen What an enjoyable ride.

Love Jang Mi and Gi Tae. I like all the characters, too and all the different marriage lines. I hope that the writers will follow it up with Season 2, with Jang Mi and Gi Tae raising their own kids Han Groo and Yeon Woo-Jin It is fun, It is heart warming, it is bright, sometimes it is crazy.

Thank you for this dating. I would without too see Woo jin and Han Groo next marriage. Both of you wtihout Djouba la belle Aug 24 2: Suan Aug 24 1: Datiny Aug 23 9: Makes me so upset! Was one of my all time faves, its a must watch drama. Mei Aug 22 7: My heart so hurt to see Kong Ki Tae tears, what a heart warming drama. Finally Kong Ki Tae and his mom can reconcile.

I hope Jangmi's mom and dad without. This drama become my favorite drama. Cant you make it longer marriag 20 episodes? Maida Aug 22 5: Frosty Aug 21 I am now a huge fan of YWJ. Sora Aug dating sites in jhb 5: I do hope that they without have another kdrama cause I'm gonna watch it. The very reason why this drama gives a big impact to me because the actors and actresses act naturally you would really laugh out loud with those funny scenes because the artist were great in portraying it.

We love this drama all the way from Philippines.

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