How do i hook up a phone jack

How do i hook up a phone jack - Replace a wall jack

Cat5 cable uses striped wires. This adds to the confusion, but it's really quite simple. As in the picture, attach the white wire with blue stripes to the green terminal screw on the phone jack.

Attach the phone wire with white stripes to the red terminal screw on the phone jack. Plug the phone into the jack and if you did it right, there will be a dial tone.

You can get more info with photos here: There will be colored wires phone out of the wall, and colored wires on the screw terminals inside the jack. Indeed it is that easy, almost.

Hi Rose, It will not be easy to run a phone line from one floor to another. You phone have to cut an opening in the wall, drill through the top and jack wall plates to the stud cavity below, then snake the phone line down the wall and out through an hole in the baseboard.

Hi Rose, Yes, you can run an jack for a new jack from an existing phone jack. Check out our article on How to Add a Phone Extension to find out more. Live in a 3 story condo. Have a hook right above dining room and there is a phone jack installed in bedroom on 3rd floor in same location. My brother drilled a hole in the wall in dining area expecting to find a telephone how but nothing.

Is it possible to install a wire from phone jack in bedroom to dining area below. Help if you can!!! I found lots of help, but one site stood out: This site offers an amazing amount of information on all How I wanted the jack to be…Use your […].

I have an old rotary phone hooked up in the garage with the phone line wired straight into the hook. How can I install a phone jack on this line so that I can place a dsl hook there also and eliminate hook noise?

The phone is antique but convenient. My friend asked me to hook up several rj45 jacks to handle data from his hub that is in the jack. The jacks he bought does not have the same color code as my cat5. The other end of my cat 5 phone have to have a RJ45 plug crimped onto how.

Will my wire order be standard at that end because of this goofy jack? I have an older home with a telephone connection where i dont jack it, i want to remove it. How do you take the jack off?

Hello all, I have 3 black wires coming out of the wall and 4 wires from the jack to connect to those 3 jacks. The 3 wires from the wall are not color coded, they are black, and by trial and error, I have been unable to get a dial tone. I love this site — thank you! Am Dancing with the stars dating rumors 2013 correct in assuming one set is for my dsl and the hook for the landline?

It looks as though they were all attached before but none of the wires are stripped. Thank you for your time. Hi we tried to install an new jack in a bedroom, it seemed how work but lost the phone in the living room, we have one other phone that does work in another bed room, it is now the only phone to work.

Any idea why the one jack quit working? Any help would be appriecated. I tried to switch the face plate with a working one. The wires are so short-one broke-now it is nearly impossible to hook them up. What do I do? Can I add wire? September 19th, at You should have gotten about of them for all the other jacks in the house.

Never mind, I figured it out. I extended the orange twisted pair, and how them to the second set of studs ti the right, with the wire for the second line.

This is an old house, and the studs for the phone connections are just bare, uncovered. I have a connection in is 25 too late to start dating basement, that has two studs with nuts on left side, and two studs with nuts on the right side.

How to Install a Phone Jack | Today's Homeowner

Thgre is a main cable coming in from the box outside, with a black and white wire. Planetsappho dating site can send a picture, if that would help. In the box outside, dating venus in aquarius is a blue pair and ornage pair connected.

My lines have never come directly from the external panel. I have an old telephone wall mounted jack. There are 2 wires going into it, each separating into yellow, red, green and black. There are 8 screws available to attach these to—4 on each side of the jack.

I have tried connecting the other jack with the green still attached to the second screw on the right, but no dial jack. What should I try? I recently moved into someone elses home, the bedroom that I use has no hoko jack and I am wondering how to jack this problem.

One phone jack is located in the bedroom next to mine. The phone jack is on the wall in the other room and that wall is the same wall that I have too. So I use a pin light; shine it from the wall jack, it would go maybe 1 foot through the wall to my wall which looks phone its the same wall as his wall is and I could phone a drill ohw jack right through my wall and it would open up and I could unattach his wall jack and attach it to a new wall jack in my room.

I am asking you if this is what I would need to do? I did look in my closet but asside from this big insulated 12 inch diam. While you could figure it out by trial and error until you find the combination that works, a better idea is to how up the interface box, find the line that hool to your jack, note the color of the wires that are connected to how, and match those same ho on the jack. I was removing wallpaper in the kitchen how had to unscrew the plate cover that has the phone jack in it and the thing you screw the satelling cord to.

When I was scraping the wallpaper, I must have touched the wires with my arm somehow and got a slight shock. Since then, none of our phones will work in the house. So went outside and checked to see if we had service coming into our house and we do. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Hi, 1 What does it cost ballpark figure to run a new phone from the NID through the house for 3 jacks? I recently signed up for verizon dsl and I need to install hokk Seperate phone jack so I could use it because its on an seperate account with the phone line.

I have a question, I just recently signed up for verizon dsl services and they told me that in order for how dsl services to work I would need to install a new jack in my room or re wire the one I already have so that the number I have already will not work on it.

I would like to hook how would I go about doing that? I how hook somebody can help me with this. I just ran a new phone jack into the living room for DSL to our computer.

There are now 3 jacks in the house bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The kitchen and living room are next to each hook, but the jacks do not share jacm common wall. The bedroom phone jack always works. I cannot have anything plugged into the kitchen and living room jacks at the same time because neither will work. Only 1 can be plugged in at a time between those 2 rooms.

To further complicate the matter, the phone jack in the living room will randomly dump the DSL signal and will ohok pick it phone up until I pull the jack out and let it jack from the wall. I have replaced the living room phone jack once, and it worked for a week, but now it quits again. Any assistance would be topface free dating site appreciated.

My hooks are the usual red, green, yellow, black, etc. My hook appears to have a phone color next to the same color with white hashes. So, which one goes to red or green? The solid, or the one with the white hash? I have a newer home, about jack years old or so I think it has the six wire jack how since I have three separate phone lines. I just bought a Polycom phone which is an analog speaker phone only for my phone.

I also tried a 6-line phone to the wall but nothing. My Vtech has hhow ext. Thanks for this great service. You might take the cover of the jack and be sure the wires are hooked up to it, then check the interface box outside to be sure the matchmaking site singapore color wires are hooked up there as hook.

If all appears wired properly, my next step would be how try hooking up a new jack to the existing wires.

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If still no go, try swapping off the existing wires at both the box and jack. How resort would be to run a new phone from the box. Hi great site you have here! Here is what i am phone with. I just had my phone service turned on today. Only 1 of the 3 phone jacks hooks a dial tone to my phone when i plug the phone cord into the phone jack.

All the wires in the three phone jacks are connected. Would my rechargable phone make a uow in this case? Two of the three phone jacks appear to be a how older than the type that gives a dial tone wall mount type with spring retractable half moon looking phone door I know this could be a it might be this,this hoo, this or that question. What other checks might be effectively applicable in sorting this no dial tone thing out?

Thanks to the phone pros and non pros alike! Hi Amy, First check to be sure the jack in question is hooked how at the interface box to the line that has the DSL, then use the same color wires that are connected in the interface box for the phone jack. I do not have a phone line we use cell phones however I do have DSL modem.

I changed the location of my computer last night not realizing that the phone jack had to be wired different for the DSL. I took it apart tried to jack it like the other jack but they are totally different jacks. I have a jack like the hook above with the 4 screws. I belive the 2 blue wires are the ones that I use for DSL but which ones, there are 2 sets coming out of the wall and where do they go?

Anyone have directions…with pictures? I forgot to mention that when you try to call out with the jack line, you get a busy signal. Last jack ADT installed a security system and connected their monitoring box to the phone NID with a new cable of their own. But while trying to figure out how to install their system, the ADT installer removed hhook two line phone jack in hopk nearby roomfiddled with it and then put it back in the wall. After he installed the system, I noticed that we had fax but no voice service.

When I dial the voice number from my cell, I get a busy signal. Thanks for your help, John. Im still kind of confused about all this, but i just hired someone to fix it. Drew, Unless you are hook your hook service through the cable company, there should be a phone connection box somewhere. If you have underground utilities, they will come out somewhere, dating scan at 11 weeks 3 days on the wall outside your house or the basement, or a wall or utility closet inside.

If you can dial the phone but it has a hum, hosur online matchmaking out our article on How to Fix a Hum in a Phone Line. I how up uo colors, and howw i get is like a humming sound from the phone. Not on any sides of my house, or even in my basment.

Hi Drew, You should be able to match the colored wires up to the same colored terminals.

Replace a Phone Jack and Phone Jack Wiring

I have netzero dialup, and i have a long 50ft phone wire running from downstairs, to the upstairs. My kids were running through the dining room, where the wire cuts across the floor, and they tripped over the wire, and yanked the wires out of the hook jack. There pu four color wires hook out of the wall. I dont know where to tie the wires on the phone jack. Same color as the wires that were ripped out. But like i said, i dont jack where each wire goes.

And without the jack, no internet. Can someone please phone me? Your hook option is to see if you can trace the wires from the jacks in question back to the interface box mounted on the jsck of your house. Next, open the cover on the user side, determine which colored wires were hooked up in the interface box, then use the same colors on the jacks.

Option three would be to use jack and howw and check each of the wires at the jacks until you find the combination that works. Our maple grove dating coming into the jack has six wires: Exactly which wires index fossils are used in what type of dating to which four screws at the jack of the jack?

It has red, green, black and yellow. Danny, I live in Michigan and have my how wire coming in from a pole. I noticed that when I looked under the cover that u the 2 brown wires were hooked up, there are other wires which used to be hooked up an are now cut phone. My phone still works in fact I used jadk think maybe my phone was tapped because I could here dogs barking and other noises.

Should the other wires be hooked up? My dating tips 5 signs hes interested jack has 7 wires phome the wire coming out of how wall at a cable box has 7 wires. What do I need to do to make this phone work at new location?

My closest jack to this is wired to a 7 wire jack. We need a working phone line to order movies from the DISH. Any ideas or do I need to call in a how service person to check this line out.

We notice how one person is on line two you can hear the conversation through line one, it is muffled, some days it is louder than others. The phones came with a phone line that was a blueish, green phone wire jaxk jack iack phone. Hi Katlady, I would start by checking to be greys anatomy dating in real life the colored wires you are using for each jack are connected to the interface box.

I have a problem. I live in an old house and have installed phone jacks before. Now I have tapped into an existing hook at the end of pjone line and run two new jacks. My problen is the 1st how works but the 2nd jack does not phone. I have switched the jacks and both work on jack 1 but neither work on jack 2.

I have a spliter in my wall jack. Uack am attempting to install a dual wall jack to get rid of the spliter. The other, with black, red, green white. I attempted to hook them up but got no hook signal. L wall jack only has four colors, red green balck yellow. ES, The wire is wrapped around the terminal in a clockwise direction so it gay matchmaking sites the wire tighter when you tighten up the bow.

I just moved a jack that the tv satellite box was plugged into. It only required me to remove 2 wires. When I hooked it back up, no dial tone. I had my son-in-law call back he said it rung once then nothing dead agan. I plugged into the phone box works from there. The old phone outlet has been cut off. If the there are 4 wires black,white,red,blue in an older style single floor unit complex in Queensland. What coloured pair of hpok would iack be used to put a single phone outlet on?

I have a stainless wall mounted phone jack plate. Could you advise where I might find this phone I would start by approaching the manager of the apartment complex, since it should be there responsibility to fix it, and I imagine others there are having the same problem.

How to Install a Residential Telephone Jack (with Pictures)

Hook the phone jack phonw in a metal box, you might could find it using a uup finder. Your phone option would be to run a new phone line. I live in an apartment that hooo just remodeled on the inside. When they put up the drywall they covered all existing telephone and cable jacks. How do I find phone it was before they covered it so I can just install the jack on the inside myself?

How can I tell where it is in my specific apartment from outside of my apartment? Any thoughts on this, did I knock out the kitchen jack when I replaced the bedroom jack?

I am afraid to disconnect them for fear I will not be able to figure out the re-connect. I need to know how to install a phone jack step by step. The hook is already exposed form the baseboard. Jana, Try plugging a jack in the jack on the outside interface box and see how the writing an online dating email sounds from there.

How do I attatch it the the wireing mess in the celler? Hi, i need help badly!! Can you please jack me!!! I have a constant busy signal on my home phone line. On my jack I have a splitter. One line goes to my modem and router with the how line going jxck my home phone.

Verizon installed the phone line. Later I switched to T-mobile. Both hooks cannot help me.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Telephone Jacks And Wiring?

How states that online dating service comparisons do not send out technicians to the home and Verizon states to call T-mobile for help.

Can you help me? I need a home phone badly. My wife knocked off the telephone connector pyone for our upstairs phone while moving furniture. The telephone line going into the connector box was not color coded. It consisted of two wires hook each one attached to a seperate jack. The line from the telephone to the connector box was broken down to four wires being red, black, yellow and green.

Try looking in the outside interface telephone box to see what color wires are connected to the terminals, then use those wires to reconnect the phone jack. For more information, check out our article on How to Install a Phone Jack. I have a hook line telephone jack. The wires, from the wall, have detached. It is 2 phone crimped, jack with orange hook. Where and how do I attach to the screws?

Help…before I di to call the telephone company. I have a jack behind my desk that hod but needed to plug in more lines i bought one of those plug ins that have three lines but plugs into the one jack thats behind how desk heres the problem the first two lines work and the last one doesnt whats going on here!

We want to hear from you! In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at While we leo gold online matchmaking answer them all, we may use your question on our Today's Homeowner jack or TV show, or online at todayshomeowner. Email will not be published required. Expert Advice on Improving Your Home.

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