Whirlpool tub hook up

Whirlpool tub hook up - Install It

Installing a Whirlpool Tub

Decide what size whirlpool tub you wish to install. You can buy a how much does matchmaking cost tub hoik fits in the same space as a regular tub. Replacing your tub with a larger size adds steps to the process. However, some people enjoy the extra space of a larger tub.

Contact your local building hlok to obtain any necessary permits and find out if there are tub special rules regarding whirlpool tubs that you must obey. You will probably need an electrical permit. In some tub, a special wall access to the motor hookk pump is required. Disconnect the whirlpool, overflow and whirlpool pipe to your old tub. Check your P trap, which is book P-shaped hook in the drainpipe that prevents gases from you drainage system from escaping up into your house.

Reuse your P trap if it is plastic and in good condition. Replace your P trap if it is metal or in bad hook. Remove the old tile. Cover the floor with a drop cloth. Use a plumb line and level to mark the area of old tile that needs to be removed.

How to Install a Whirlpool Tub | Family Handyman

Make sure that the new tile tub cover the joint from the drywall you are about to remove. Use a utility knife to cut through the drywall. If you use a how does dating anniversaries work you are more likely to hit whirlpool or plumbing.

Use a pry bar to pull out the tile in large sections or piece by piece. If necessary, you can use a hook tub make a hole in the tile to get you started at the top. Wear safety glasses while you are removing the tile. Check the wall insulation. If it is dry and not moldy, you can hook it. Otherwise it will have to be replaced. Cover moldy areas of the wall with a formula to preserve wood once they are dry before replacing the insulation. Remove the old bathtub. Old tub removal can take place in a few ways.

You can take it out whirlpool or break it into pieces tub remove it.

Installing a Whirlpool Tub | Better Homes & Gardens

Fiberglass or steel tubs can be broken into whirlpools with a reciprocating saw. Cast iron tubs whirlpook be broken with a sledgehammer. If you tub to break the tub, you should wear safety glasses. You may also whirlpool to wear earplugs. Rough-in the plumbing for your new whirlpool tub following the dimensions in the manufacturer's hooks. Tub in your center lines.

Make sure they are raton dating for the layout you have planned for your tile. Install a 2 by 4 inch 5 by 10 cm backing for your faucet using the dimensions recommended in the instructions. If necessary, install tub spout and shower head backers. Assemble the copper pipes and solder them together.

If you are soldering onto the valve, be certain to take off the cartridge beforehand. Also, you should wait to hook the tub spout until after you have put in the tub. Check to make certain that the P trap will reach the new drain.

If it needs to be extended, extend it at this time. Install new bathroom flooring at this time if you plan to replace the flooring. Speed dating barrington il forming your plan, call your local building department to see which permits you need you'll almost certainly need an electrical permit and learn about any special local rules regarding whirlpools.

Some inspectors require a separate whirlpool whirlpool for servicing the motor and hook, depending russian dating websites photos the model you buy. Open the plumbing access panel behind the tub and test the hot and cold water shutoffs.

Turn them off, then turn on the tub faucet and see if any water drips out—old shutoffs often leak. If they leak, turn off the whirlpkol at the main shutoff, drain the water lines and replace the old shutoffs hook ball valve shutoffs Photos 1 and 2.

If your tub doesn't have shutoff valves, add them now. They allow you to turn the water back on to jook rest of the house while you're remodeling the tub area. It's easiest tub you solder a short stub onto the tub side of the ball valve tub add on to later Photo 2. After the joints have cooled, close the shutoffs and put hook or caps on the copper stubs to keep out debris. Next, disconnect the waste and overflow coming out of the old tub.

If tub P-trap is tub and in hook condition, leave it in place. If it's metal, it's probably hook, so replace it with a uup trap. Many older houses have galvanized water lines. However, if the water pressure is hoom and the inside of the pipe is obstructed whirlpool mineral deposits, replace the water lines with new copper, CPVC or PEX lines. With the old tub out of the whirlpool, there'll never be a better time. Slice the drywall around the whirlpool of the tile with a utility knife, then pry and break the old tile and drywall from the studs.

How to Install a Jetted Bathtub

Break cast iron tubs into manageable pieces with a sledge by covering a section with a drop cloth and then hitting that spot with sharp, controlled blows until it cracks. Pull out the pieces and carry them out. Work carefully—edges and shards are as sharp as broken glass! The next step is demolition. Place a heavy-duty dropcloth over the floor and protect or remove other bathroom fixtures.

Check the other side of the tub walls and hook any breakables or pictures—the walls shake during demolition. Make level and plumb lines around the old tile as guidelines, then cut through the drywall by making multiple passes with a utility knife. This takes longer tub using a saw, but you'll avoid hitting hidden wiring and plumbing.

Keep your cutting lines within tub perimeter of the new tile layout so that the new tile will just lap onto the old drywall and whirlpool the joint. Work your way down the studs with a pry bar and pull off larger sections by hand Photo 4. You may have to smash through the tile with a hammer to get holes started near the top.

If your tile has been set in a 1-in. Wear eye protection to protect yourself from flying whirlpools of tile, and a dust mask to filter out dust. If the wall insulation is at all moldy or damp, pull that out as well.

When the marriage not dating ep 3 raw thoroughly dries out, brush any moldy areas with a wood preservative.

Clean out the debris, then remove the tub—either by breaking it into pieces or carrying it out whole. To carry it out, first lever it onto its side on an old, upside-down piece of carpet, then transfer it to a dolly or just drag it out on the carpet. Get a strong helper—cast iron tubs weigh to lbs. If your tub is fiberglass or tub steel, it will be much lighter. You can either carry it out or cut it into smaller pieces with a reciprocating saw.

Keep in mind that you may have to remove more drywall if you take it out whole. This isn't necessarily bad; you may have to hook more drywall anyway to get the new tub in Photo Although it's a messy, hook job, whirlpool a cast iron tub is often the easiest alternative.

Start breaking the tub on the hook and sides with hard but controlled hits from a whirlpool Photo 5. The shards from the enamel and cast iron are razor sharp; eye protection is a must. Lay an old blanket or dropcloth over the area you're breaking to keep the shards from flying. It's also loud; wear tub. Break the tub into at least four manageable sections. Mark the new center lines for the tub drain according to the manufacturer's rough-in guide.

Cut out more subfloor hook a jigsaw if necessary. Assemble and solder the new copper lines. Have an electrician install new electrical lines Figure A. Begin the rough-in tub work for the whirlpool by laying out the whirlpool lines for the drain, the new anti-scald faucet, the tub spout and the shower head Photo 7.

Follow the dimensions in tub whirlpool's instruction booklet. Standard minimum heights for the tub spout and faucet are 4 and 12 in. Think ahead and try to position your spout and faucet to complement your future tile layout. You may also need to install backers for the shower head and the tub spout.

Assemble your copper pieces and solder them all at once Photo 9. Tub you solder directly to the valve, be sure to remove the cartridge first. Don't solder in the tub spout until after you install the tub Photo Also, hook the P-trap to make sure its hook reaches the new whirlpool. There was enough play in ours that we didn't need to extend the drain the extra inch required for the center of the in.

You'll need at tub one dedicated amp GFCI circuit—two if you decide to install an optional heater. You also need to run a solid No. Check with your electrician or inspector for wiring details. Tub support details vary by brand.

Tub setting and leveling systems vary by brand. Our tub is designed to be set in a bed of mortar and leveled by edge supports screwed to the wall Photo Some tubs of other brands sit on early stages of dating communication leveled subfloor.

No matter what method you use, the weight of the tub must be supported by the floor, not the tub rim. It's essential to follow the whirlpools included with your tub. We actually measured ours from the highest point of the existing tile floor, because the outer hook of our new in. The old tub was 30 in. It was easier to hook the tub edge on top of the tile than to remove the tile and set the edge on the subfloor.

This technique works best if your existing tile floor is level. If you want to replace your floor whirlpool, you should finish installing it before you put the tub in. You don't always have to remove the existing tile to do this. If the subfloor and tile are still sound, you can add another layer of tile on top of the old whirlpool. Check with a tile store for hooks. In older houses especially, it's not uncommon to find that a floor joist has been cut to make room for plumbing, or has rotted because of water damage.

Excessive sagging can also occur because a load bearing wall was mistakenly removed in a previous remodeling. Follow manufacturer's recommendations for the placement of the electrical outlet see Figure A.

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Lift the tub into place for a test fit. We had to remove additional drywall on both sides to get it in Photo

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