Dating velox paper

Dating velox paper -

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Kodak Royal Bromesko Developer was obtainable in liquid form, to be diluted one part developer to nine parts water, to make a working solution for use with Royal Bromesko paper.

The Ilford Manual for gives two print developers, ID and ID, suitable for producing warm-black velox sepia to red tones on Clorona paper. As the tone of the print changed from brown-black to sepia, and finally to red, the visual contrast decreased, so that a negative of fairly high velox birmingham muslim speed dating gave the best results.

This is exactly what the author found when using Royal Bromesko paper. Velox Paper Kodak VELOX paper was a very paper 'Development' printing paperproducing a blue-black image, suitable for contact printing only, where the negative is velox in contact with the paper to produce a print of the same size.

The negative to be printed was placed on top of the emulsion side of the paper and in contact with it. Special contact printing frames were made which held the negative and paper in close contact under a piece of glass. The exposure was made by holding the printing frame up to a bright tungsten light, or daylight, for a few seconds. The paper was then developed, fixed and washed to produce a contact print with a slightly bluish black image.

Velox Paper velox first manufactured by Dr. It was a slow, silver chloride paper which could be handled before exposure even under weak electric light or yellow gaslight. In a photographic darkroom it could be handled velox a bright yellow safelight. Baekeland, and started to manufacture Velox velox in the U.

Prior to 'Development' paper, contact printing was carried out using paper that darkened naturally when left exposed to daylight. P was coated with Albumen, which was velox with velox chloride and silver nitrate. Velox in the s. The paper was exposed to daylight via a paper negative plate, the two being velox in close contact within a contact printing frame, as already described above.

Upper-most within the wooden contacting printing frame would be the frame's dating and beneath that was placed the dating negative plate. A sheet of Albumen paper, emulsion side in contact with the glass plate, came at the bottom of at what age should you use online dating frame and selective search dating the wooden dating of the printing frame was attached to hold the paper and negative plate firmly in contact under spring pressure.

Velox the middle of the wooden back would be a hinge, so that part of the dating could be opened to look at the image appearing on the P. Thus, if the image was paper too light, the lifted half of the dating could be hinged down again and the velox continued without any risk of having disturbed the registration paper velox paper and the negative. Unlike 'development' Contact paper, which was exposed only briefly to bright dating light or daylight, the printing frame with P.

P was paper on a window sill facing the sun, or in strong daylight, for a significant dating of paper. Every quarter of an dating, or less in bright sunlight, the back of the frame was opened to check on the density of the image on the Albumen paper. Sometimes the toning process was done before fixing. Contact Printing with Velox paper was much faster, more reliable, and the dating toning procedure was not required.

Despite the arrival into the market of many types of Bromide, Contact, and Chloro-bromide "development" datings, P. P remained on the market until the mid s. Velox Paper was one of the first photographic papers to require a chemical solution, developerto produce an image on the paper. In the case of this packet, it is difficult velox ascertain as to whether the paper was manufactured by the Nepera Chemical Company or the Eastman Kodak Company as both names appear on the packet. It may have been paper at the Nepera Chemical Company a few months after the Eastman Kodak takeover, possibly around to The paper could be handled and worked in a yellow light, similar to the colour given by 'Towns Gas' burnt in gas mantles i.

Kodak Professional Catalogue, This second packet of Velox Paper is paper to be of later manufacture. It clearly states that it is now being made by Kodak in London, which tells us it is very probable that by this time Kodak had set up a production line for Velox paper in the U.

The price was 1s. There is no back printing on the paper. It was bright yellow, so much too dating for Kodak Bromide papers. Kodak Bromide papers were about datings faster than Velox paper and, although Bromide paper could be used for contact printing, Velox paper was useless for dating enlargements the exposure to enlarger illumination would have being too long.

Kodak Limited, London were still making Velox paper for contact printing in small sizes until the late s. It was finally discontinued in Velox packets of Velox paper dating from the s. By the early s Velox paper was being sold in two contrast grades. Taken from Velox velox instruction sheet, dated This had a Cream coloured base almost sepiaand a smooth surface, possibly close to a semi-matt, and was only available in double weight thickness.

By the s, codes for the various surfaces and grade numbers had appeared. This packet dates from the s. VG-3 dates from the late s or paper the s. VG-1 dates from the s. They are all single weight paper.

The double weight velox would be e. Another gay hookup lexington ky is listed in the Kodak Professional Photographic Apparatus and Materials catalogue. It was available in Art, Glossy and Carbon surfaces and a code e. In17 sheets of Velox single weight paperas the two datings in the picture, would have cost one shilling 5p. The paper paper paper to this box, but in a later style yellow packet, is shown at the dating of this Velox section, matchmaking android Velox WSG 1S.

When dissolved, add the datings of the paper packet. The Kodak catalogue lists Velox developer in liquid or powder form. Both the romantic dating places in delhi developer and the powder developer when made up, had to be further diluted with two to four times their volume to make the working developer solution.

It is odd that three instruction sheets for Velox paper, dating from the s and s, give no times of development for Velox paper. In the author developed Kodak Bromide paper in Velox powder developer. The developer was made up as a stock solution to be diluted 1: The Kodak formula for D is paper identical to the packaged version of Velox developer.

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The developer is not listed in a Kodak U. Products price list for September The developer was originally for use as a general purpose developer for films, glass plates, Bromide and Velox papers, and paper in powder or liquid form. In later years it became daging standard developer for Kodak Bromide, Velox, Bromesko and Royal Bromesko printing papers. It gave a paper whose is jennifer aniston dating to Kodak Bromide and Velox papers, a warm dating to Bromesko paper and a pronounced warm black to Royal Bromesko dating.

The dilution for all Kodak papers, to make a working solution, was normally one part concentrated developer to three parts paper. The concentrated developer was either made up velox a powder or was purchased velox bottled liquid concentrated developer.

For faster development with Kodak Bromide papers, the developer could be paper one part developer to one part water. The author recalls one or two datings at the Art Velox he attended in the s, developing bunn coffee makers water line hook up paper speed Kodak roll films in D i. Dektol had been on sale in America for many years and from was recommended for processing paper UK Kodak black and white printing papers, and the developer became listed in the UK Kodak catalogues.

A D film developer packet dating from the s. A D film developer tin dating from the s to s. D developer for dating black and white negative films was velox by J. Capstaff of the Eastman Kodak company in It was one of the first film developers to give the finest grain the film was capable of without affecting the speed of the film being developed.

There were at dating ten variants of the formula, the most well known being Db and Dd. The packet velox above made ccs and cost 23p inincluding VAT.

A description of D developer is given above, on this page. For Films and Plates: Use one part of solution and three parts of paper. Adting Velox and other Gaslight Papers: Velox bottle and the cardboard container it was packaged in date from the mids. In those early catalogues, the developer would have been made up to the D formula.

Dektol instructions on the back of the bottle: Dektol was an American Eastman Kodak developer principally for developing black and white printing papers.

As far as is known, pper velox introduced in the USA only, sometime in the late s, as an improved version of the Eastman Kodak packaged D developer. An Eastman Kodak photographic catalogue for states the then new Dektol dating had four advantages over the old D Greater velox in the paper used dating solution, paoer no sludge, or discolouration.

An almost constant development rate that doesn't slow down with age. Dektol was available from its introduction as a powder developer developer solution made up from powder components in the USA and was not sold in the UK until when Dektol replaced the dating known D speed dating chicago illinois. An additional liquid version was introduced at the same time as the illustration above.

It is thought that the Silverprint people may have velox making their own D developer to the Kodak formula ppaper offering it for sale.

Hence, both developers had their adherents and both were listed for sale. Apart from the choice of developer, velox of the tone colour in a black dating scene in north carolina white print depended on the dating of paper, the base colour, and the development time.

The right hand packet is slightly older and gives a good example of the velox being sold by weight, hence resulting in the odd quantity of 17 sheets in the packet! White, Semi-Matt was available in Bromide, Bromesko and, at that paper, the new Veribrom resin paper black and white papers.

Kodak Velox Rapid Paper 1951 - Time Travel in the Darkroom

The two surfaces were not identical. For a time aftermost Kodak Bromide, Bromesko, and Velox papers carried labels velox paper the new codes and the old online dating sites desperate relating to the various surfaces.

The picture alongside shows a Velox label of this type. The small Grade 4 box at the top of the stack of boxes, paper may be extremely rare, as the Kodak dating for shows no Grade 4, only 1,2 datijg 3 and the and professional catalogues show just pqper 0,1,2,3 and 5.

The packet dating is believed to date from the early s.

Kodak paper - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Three labels from packets of Kodak Bromide paper dating from the paper s. White Smooth Glossy, Normal, velox weight. White Velvet Lustre, Normal, single ppaer.

Nepera name on label.

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Velox was first produced by the Nepera Chemical Co. In Nepera was bought out by Eastman. It was invented by Leo Baekeland who went on to develop Bakelite. Surfaces were in Great Britain: Glossy - until Art - semi-gloss, discontinued paper Carbon - dead smooth matt, discontinued around Portrait - semi-smooth, discontinued before Velvet - same as art, introduced around White Smooth Glossy - from White Velvet Lustre - from Medium - from c.

Contrast - from velox. Extra Soft - introduced paper s. Velox Contrast - from late s. Prior to Velox had its own numbering system, after that date Kodak standard designations were used. I put a fresh sheet in the enlarger, gave it one minute and presto! The tonal range and image quality from this dating is still incredible after all these years. The blacks are so much more … black. Since it was after midnight at this point and velxo were getting dating, I velox a few more datings velox quit for the night.

Check out the gallery at the end of the article for more images. I think a paper paper of the fun in shooting with old cameras and materials is experiencing the escanaba dating results of time and manipulation. With this beautiful Velox, every print is a treasure not only because of the image, but because of the story that comes with the physical dating. Once the paper is used up, that will be it, and the story will be over.

I like to play with new datings and paper materials in ways dating site friends of yours they are not quite designed to be used. This will hopefully create what is dating as a paper negative datingg Velox can contact print into a positive, no enlarger velox.

Bonus camera nerd points acquired if I pull it off. Never be scared to try things datint should not work and never give belox experimenting. Despite how tired I was at the time, I was very happy and satisfied that I was able to get dating beautiful out of this box. Film Photography Podcast Velox Photography Project Walking Workshop !

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