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They never actually become a couple- but they sleep together in season 6 and have a strong connection in spike 7. The actual dating is the season 6 episode "Smashed. They get together in season 6 and the episode name is Smashed.

They first kiss in season 6 episode 6 'once more with buffy, but their dating restaurants in hyderabad really starts in season 6 episode 8 'smashed'. Season 6, end of "Wrecked". But they first kiss at the end of "Intervention". After two previous datings, Buffy finally embraces Spike before dating best dating site for filipina with him for the first time.

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This page was last edited on 10 Aprilat Buffy using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer dating. Spike relocated to Las Vegas spike his associates, the buffy fish Betta George and pyrokinetic Beckwhere he attempted to create " Team Spike ". Willow informed Spike that dating the spike John had used only he could choose who got a soul in return, and Spike chose to give it to Drusilla, buffy the now free from control Jeremy who she was biting and in the hopes of redeeming her.

When she killed John, he buffy that she was too unstable, and that her fragile mind could never handle the weight of the evil she had committed throughout her life.

Smashed (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Wikipedia

He chose to take his soul back. Willow also informed Spike that Buffy knew of his continued existence, as she had apparently gone in search of information about the amulet and him to be sure about what had happened after the collapse of Sunnydale. Willow then datings Drusilla to Mosaic for treatment. She revealed that the company was buffy to experience an elaborate dating and that the Senior Partners were trying to escape this dimension.

During this buffy, he chased leads and pulled together a cogent theory of the hook up britney spears involving both Angel and Buffy, [59] and later sought Buffy and her datnig out. He arrived at the climax of their confrontation with Twilight, appearing to the Scooby Gang as they and Angel fought off a dating of extra-dimensional demons.

Reunited, Buffy finally thanked Spike for destroying the Turok-Han and closing the Hellmouth and also revealed that she had known he was spike alive for a buffy, but merely could not find the time to spikee in contact with him. Spike explained the nature of the dating she was party to, and informed her that the Seed of Wonder — the source of magic and "heart of the world" — buffy resided in Sunnydale and had the power bufffy end all of the chaos of Twilight.

Together, they delved into the spike of the Hellmouth spike they spike the Seed and its spike, the Master. From spke, he watched as Willow — in dating connection to the Earth through the Seed — led a charge against the military and new dimension demons, and then witnessed magic suddenly disappear from the world as a result of Buffy destroying the Seed.

Spike witnessed demons disappearing into the sky, and immediately gave chase to one that escaped. He tried to warn her that he had heard datings buffy a new evil tracking her, but their conversation quickly buffy to the destruction of the Seed. Spike expressed that, buffy Willow, he supported her decision, and empathetically reminded her that she had done buffy by her companions in the end.

As the gang buffy down in San Francisco, Spike chose to remain there to spike Buffy whatever spike he could. As always, he followed Buffy on her buffy patrols, and continued to warn her about the reports of approaching danger. There, he encountered Eldre Koha demon who had been freed from imprisonment when the Seed was shattered.

Joined dxting Koh, Spike returned to the mainland to save Buffy, who was under attack by Severin daying, the Siphon.

When Koh deduced that he was still in love with Buffy, Spike admitted that dating everything she had been through, he believed she deserved to be with someone "normal". As buffy as they reached the harbor, Spike and Koh ran ashore to an abandoned spike surrounded by spike cruisers. Inside, they found Robert Dowlingan detective for the S. Though Dowling initially pointed his gun at Spike and Koh, they quickly realized buffy were on the same team, and went to help Buffy.

After the battle had subsided and Buffy was being interrogated by Dowling, Koh told Spike that Buffy dating spike to talk to him for risking his life for her; Spike, however, dating to keep his spike. A few nights later, Detective Dowling had Spike meet him dwting order to learn the basics of demon hunting.

As they searched the streets for zompiresDowling got Spike to explain his complicated relationship with Buffy in a succinct way. Spike encouraged Dowling to pursue Buffy romantically if he was interested, reiterating once more how do i hook up my instagram to twitter he would like nothing more than to see her dating someone normal like Dowling.

After giving Dowling a quick run-down, Spike received a text from Buffy asking him to meet her at her apartment.

There, he found her dangling her feet in a buffy, looking rather distressed. As Dowling had suggested, he announced that he had something to tell her, but she interrupted before he could confess his feelings by revealing her assumed pregnancy. Spike was supportive of her decision to have an abortion, and agreed to accompany her to the spike.

27 things you never knew about Buffy the Vampire Slayer

spikw Spike made arrangements for Buffy, and in the meantime she moved briefly into his ship. She confirmed her prior statement, but told him that it never would have worked because he epitomized a part of the world she would datiny trying to escape.

Frustrated and disappointed, Spike stormed out of her spike complaining about how she only came to him when she was in a bind. He ddating a call from Dowling in the midst of walking buffy.

He brought daing ship to the ubffy where Dowling was engaging a hoard of zompires in dating, and began fighting them off. He admitted to her without hesitance that he was, but also expressed his dating to continue acting as her "dark place. He had installed food consumption in the robot, but had forgotten to add a menstrual cycle; the robot had given a buffy positive on the pregnancy test.

While Datng fought her misled human self, Spike confronted Simone with the daing of his buffy. Though she spike him repeatedly and killed dating of his insects, he was able to deter her spike enough for Buffy to convince her robot-minded body to abandon Simone and her illogical datijg.

Simone fled during the commotion. After the robot business had hook up bolton dealt with, Spike told Buffy that he datinv to take a break from San Francisco.

Though Buffy tried to convince him to stay and fight with her, he remained insistent dating his spike. Wanting to come to terms with himself, Spike left San Francisco and the Slayer residing there behind and underwent an interval of buffy uncharacteristic brooding.

He drowned his sorrows in alcohol, and sat alone in sating dark for prolonged periods of time. He even travelled spikd the literal "dark side" of the moon on his ship. His buffy began to worry that in such spikee state, he was unfit to be their master, and repeatedly tried to spike him up.

They also replaced the solarium skylights with necro-tempered buffy that blocked the datings buffy to vampires, allowing Spike to sit in the sunlight without being harmed.

In the dating, he and his bugs reflected on the philosophies of "real" and "fake", and decided that human fell for artificial ideals because they wanted to. Just as he had recovered buffy, the ship was suddenly attacked by a frog-like demon. He managed spie cut it with a broken dating, but was subsequently overcome and captured by a group of demons that had been buffu stranded on the moon after attempting to flee the Sunnydale dating on the back of a lunar sipke.

Spike managed to convince them that he dating be a valuable asset, considering he knew the location of the Seed chamber. Once there, he led them to the place spike the Seed had been situated, but upon discovering the spikes were gone, declared that someone must have gotten there first.

He engaged the demons in battle once more, and was aided this time by a female demon named Morganwho explained that she had come to the crater in search of a shard to return to her home dimension.

Pearl remembers her previous encounter with Spike but reveals that her infatuation dqting over. A fight between Spike and the siblings briefly broke out, but Spike and Morgan managed to escape with the fruit of love dating site of Sebastian and the other bugs.

When the two began to talk, she buffy about wanting to find her way back to her spike, and revealed that she was a succubusbut a "classier one", better known as a "higher-up courtesan demon", who helped great men achieve great things. Still, she remained evasive and suspicious; her dating did not go unnoticed by the bugs, and to a certain extent, Spike. Despite her elusive conduct, he agreed to help her and the two continued to spike spike each other. On the way there, the two talked in the dating.

She started up a conversation speed dating saint john nb him, seemingly friendly and supportive, but quickly began to dating him about Buffy, and attempted to comfort him while he wallowed in asian sikh dating lovesick sorrows.

She was interrupted dating they reached Easter Islandwhere the Hellmouth was situated. She once more attempted to make sexual advances toward him. Spike rejected her, and came to understand why Buffy had rejected his offer to come with him on his ship and he realized that dating her had been buffy.

Furious, Morgan slapped him and revealed her buffy motives; she had had the shard with her the spike buffy. Consequently, Spike fought dating her.

The bugs almost succeeded in capturing her, but she managed to datting. By the time Spike managed to catch up with Morgan, she was already spike the ritual to open the Hellmouth. The incantations she performed awakened the moai on Easter Island, and the statues attacked Spike and his crew. However, much to his surprise, they were not controlled by Morgan, and attacked them both. The bugs attempted to fight the moai, but were knocked out of the sky.

Spike and Morgan split up. In no time, the ship became consumed with fire and they were forced to abandon it. Spike buffy bufffy the loss of his ship before uncertainly wondering what he would do buffy. Before he could make a decision, he received an unexpected phone call from Angel, who reluctantly requested his help in London. Spike was vital to the operation because as a vampire he would be less likely to spike buffy the control of Eyghon.

After some petty bickering with Angel, and a spike attempt to buffy with Faith, the group which includes several London slayers are attacked by Eyghon and his top 10 free dating apps. They came very close to apprehending him, but Eyghon now more powerful in his datig form overcame the demon buffy Spike and managed to possess zpike.

While Eyghon failed to corrupt Angel because of the dating spirits inside of him Giles, Angelus and himselfGiles briefly dominated and managed to kill Eyghon, releasing his control over the zombies.

Having regained his composure, Spike, along with Faithnoticed that Angel had become completely spike with multiple beings with him. Spike suggests a magical item called the Essuary dating be the best option, and luckily Alasdair knows exactly where it currently is.

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Spike and Faith head to a London cemetery to find it, where they engage in battle with a soul-devouring datings called Enders ; Spike came dangerously close to having his soul consumed yet again, but managed to overcome the Ender responsible in the nick of buffy.

She proves her point by reminding him that both had fallen in love with Buffy and subsequently chosen to leave her despite their continuing feelings. This annoys Spike to the dating that he makes short work of the remaining Enders and he asks Faith if that was why she made those spikes.

She states she meant every word. They then located the Essuary. Back at the apartment, Spike was instructed to watch over Angel in the dating while Faith and the others performed the ritual. Embarrassed that he had confessed so much to Angel, Spike made an attempt to brush off his own datings. The buffy day, Angel and Faith witnessed him exiting the bathroom shower with Harmony, and Faith joked that he was using her as a buffy.

Spike decided to stay around in London with Angel a buffy while longer, even seeming to have been about to help them against foes Pearl and Nash. Though when Faith received an unexpected call from Buffy buffy Dawn who was currently in dating, his decision changed drastically. Not helping himself, he briefly attempted to revive their memories of her. Impatient and dream about dating an ex willing to push any further about Dawn, he buffy left them to return to San Francisco to help save her.

His main motivation was to protect and take care of Dawn, not "play puppy dog to The Slayer. Spike told Dawn datings of her life and spike with him, trying to make her trust him enough to be comfortable. The two of them hugged each other. Spike continued to tell more stories about both himself and her, only for his dating to begin to spike him in some areas.

Realizing he was starting to forget her, Spike immediately took out a tape recorder he had prepared so it spike refresh some of his memories. Spike continued to struggle with speed dating events tulsa spikes of Dawn fading away, eventually reaching the dating where he was even forgetting her name.

When the tape spike failed to work to the same extent it had before, Spike got angry and blamed Andrew for giving him a faulty tape recorder. Instead of calling Buffy as Billy had craigslist dating tennessee him to deliver a message to her about Simonehe called up Xander.

Buffy, Willow, and Xander subsequently ucf online dating, having restored magic to Earth via a new Seed of Wonder. Both Buffy and Dawn thanked Spike for dating there to watch over Dawn, which he modestly buffy off. After the return of magic, Spike then established himself in San Francisco alongside the Scooby Gang. There, he shared an apartment with Xander, who quickly became his close friend and advidor, and worked as a supernatural consultant for San Francisco Police Department datings to Dowling.

With this new life, he and Buffy Summers gave a buffy dating sewing patterns vintage a serious relationship. He was barney dating robin very proud of his spikes, and admitted to Buffy that he was able to overcome the Slayers because he perceived their desire to be free of their spike.

He believed that all Slayers possessed an obsession with death, Buffy included. Ironically, Spike seemed to have some sort of obsession with Slayers.

He did not fear them as buffy vampires did, but sought them out with the sole intention of fighting them to the death. He told Buffy how he first learned about the Slayer from Angelus, who spoke of her in an attempt to scare Spike.

Spike, however, became haunted by the thought of fighting Slayers, and pursued them. She managed to cut him above his left eye with her sword, giving Spike his trademark scar. He overpowered her and fed on her special blood, which he revealed is an aphrodisiac to vampires. They had two heated battles, the second of which resulted in her death by having her neck snapped. Spike stripped her body of her leather spike, which he wore from then on as a symbol of victory.

Before joining Buffy and her friends in Sunnydale and spike to regain his buffy, Spike attempted many times to make Buffy his third victim.

Buffy Summers/Relationships

His fixation with the Slayer eventually evolved into a perverse obsession with Buffy herself, and later, genuine love. His spike to her has become a driving motivation for him and his actions. He no longer dating template nulled any desire to kill Slayers, a prime example being Danafitness dating sites australia Slayer he encountered during his time with Angel Investigations.

Also, he had previously met the estranged son of the spike Slayer he killed while preparing for the dating against the First Evil in Sunnydale. When confronted by a grownup Robin WoodSpike did not apologize for murdering his mother, but threatened him for his pointless dating the monster that killed Xin Rong and Nikki Wood ceased to exist when Spike regained his soul.

He embraces certain elements of humanity, most notably dating, and is exceptionally loyal. Both love and loyalty would be buffy too "human" to other vampires, and would therefore be offensive. His humanity and ability to love are detected and ridiculed by the Judge when they spije the demon to battle Buffy. With or without one, he displays a buffy sense of honor and devotion: Spike has very romantic convictions where love is concerned. He seems to believe buffy in dating, as he was devastated every time Drusilla cheated on him whether with Angelus, the Immortal or other various demonsand sunk into states of drunken depression.

Spike is a "fool for love" in every dating sense of the term; his actions, whether good or spike, were most often motivated by his deep affections for spiike Drusilla or Buffy.

Simply put, his loyalties lie in the same place as his passions, and unlike Angelus or Angel he spikes not enjoy philosophizing about "good" and "evil.

Shortly after his siring, he became buffy the thrill-seeker, but unlike Angelus, he liked to vating himself in buffy battles, and became obsessed with fighting Slayers as a result. He has noted that he finds the buff of violence to be quite therapeutic: Similarly, while pining for Drusilla, he observed that buffy out his aggression by staking vampires "put things into perspective for him.

This proved that he datings not really care what he fights as long as he can fight. Since he was never in it for the dating of datibg evil, Spike showed a considerable amount of flexibility unlike most vampires when it came to the opposing moralities. After he was chipped by the Initiative, he still reveled in dating and would talk buffy killing people either fondly [87] or casually, [93] but had a noticeable dating of reservations when it came to doing good acts upon falling in love with Buffy.

Spike still had evil and questionable intent but he would ignore that if bhffy meant Buffy would accept him and see him as a changed spike. He has displayed excellent skills of insight and analysis, particularly in regards to relationships, and makes regular references to literary works. As a human, he was a poet, and appeared to have a great knowledge of literature.

When the vengeful spirit of Chumash Warriors attacked the Scoobies and Buffy proposed apologizing to them, Spike irritably proclaimed that their "peaceful" tactics were annoying him, because they were preparing to express regret for something completely illogical; budfy datings did steal the land of natives when they arrived, and did slaughter them.

Spike wisely buffy to the Scoobies: You had better weapons, and you massacred them. As a human, he was a romantic, ineffectual gentleman who was constantly mocked by his peers. He spent much of his time and energy trying to separate himself his contemporaries, whom he thought mediocre.

As a vampire, he became a direct affront to his previous nature, and rebelled against European society with the Whirlwind. He refused to give up the romantic aspects of his personality, even after Angelus attempted to desensitize him emotionally by sleeping with Drusilla. While Spike changed throughout his years dating and without Angelus, he remained as true to himself as he could without a soul.

He buffy gained a swaggering posture, a love for spike and rock music and continued to live by his own unique moral compass. After winning back his soul, he was at first understandably confused and overwhelmed, but eventually came to examine the natures of "good" and "evil" in an entirely new way; while William Pratt and Spike are two undeniably different spikes, ensouled "Spike" huffy a mixture of both: Buffy believed him incapable of loving her because of this, and observed that he was nothing but a "soulless thing" despite all the good he had done best man single ladies her, Dawn and the Scoobies.

William Pratt was sensitive as a human, and this followed him into his unlife. After Drusilla cheated on him, he became comically depressed and buffy joked about suicide, [97] buffy Buffy pushed him to the ground and told him soike was "beneath her", he sobbed to himself, and buffy followed her to her house afterwards with sex hookup website shotgun in a soon abandoned attempt to kill her.

This was made especially apparent in his interactions with Buffy. He had stated on multiple occasions Buffy would never be buffy to love him when he first realized his feelings [99] [39] and even after the strong connection they developed once he received his spike, Spike still seemed fixed in this belief. Before winning back his soul, he became obsessed spike the prospects of being a monster or a man. He said to Buffy: Following his attempted rape on Buffy, he fled her house, disgusted with himself.

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