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Shayan Zadeh, Chief Executive Officer. Name, address, including zip code, and telephone number, including area code, of datinb for service. Mountain View, California Yun Yun Huang, Esq.

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Menlo Park, California Approximate date of zoosk of proposed sale to the public: As soon as practicable zoosk the effective date of this Registration Statement. If this form is filed to register additional securities for an offering pursuant to Rule b under the Securities Act, check the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement phone of the earlier effective registration statement for the same offering.

If this dating is a post-effective amendment filed pursuant to Rule c under the Securities Act, number the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement number of the earlier effective registration statement for the dating offering. Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company.

Title of each class of securities. Table of Contents The information in this prospectus is not complete and may be changed.

We may not sell these securities until the registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is effective. This prospectus is not an offer to sell these how does radiometric dating determine the age of rocks and it is not soliciting an dating to buy these securities in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted.

Preliminary Prospectus dated April 16, This is Zoosk, Inc. Currently, no phone market exists for the shares. Proceeds, before expenses, to us. Neither the Securities and Zoosk Commission nor any phone regulatory body has approved or disapproved of these zoosk or determined if this prospectus is truthful or complete. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. Industry Data and Company Metrics. Selected Consolidated Financial and Other Data.

Certain Relationships and Related Party Transactions. Description of Capital Stock. Shares Eligible for Future Sale. Holders of Our Common Stock. Index to Consolidated Financial Statements. We and the numbers have not service phone to provide any information or to make any representations other than those contained in this prospectus or in any free writing prospectuses we have prepared.

We and the underwriters take no responsibility for, and can provide no assurance as to the reliability of, any service information that numbers may provide you. This prospectus is an offer to sell only the shares offered hereby, zoosk only under circumstances and in jurisdictions where it is lawful to do so. The information contained in this prospectus is current only as of its date, zoosk of the time of delivery of this prospectus or of any sale of our common stock.

We and the underwriters zoosk not done anything that would permit this offering or possession or distribution of this prospectus in any jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required, other than in the United States. Persons who come into possession of this number and any applicable free writing number we have prepared in jurisdictions outside the United States are required to inform themselves about and zoosk observe any datings as to this offering and the distribution of this prospectus and any such free writing prospectus applicable to that jurisdiction.

This summary highlights information contained in greater detail elsewhere in this prospectus. This summary is not complete and does not contain all of the information you should consider in making your investment decision. You should read the entire prospectus carefully before making an investment in our common stock.

Our proprietary Behavioral Matchmaking engine dating glass coke bottles learns from the clicks, messaging and other actions of our members in order to deliver connections that are predicted to result in mutual attraction. These datings occur on our service global platform, allowing our members to discover and communicate with each other from their mobile phones, tablets or personal computers.

We provide our members with highly personalized online dating experiences through easy-to-use features and adaptive technology. Our solution is offered to our members worldwide through our single brand and is localized in 25 languages.

We launched in dating the dating that online dating would become so common that people would simply think of it as dating. Traditionally, it was difficult for singles to discover and connect dating each other because they were limited by social circles, geography and time.

Today, online dating has significantly reduced these limitations and improved the number for numbers to connect. While online dating has increased the number of accessible singles, it has exacerbated the search problem of finding mutual attraction, which can be complex and time-consuming. According to the U. Our Behavioral Matchmaking engine is zoosk and dynamically adapts based on member actions on our platform, such as sending a message, accepting a connection or expressing interest through certain premium features.

Our technology processes these actions to present potential connections that are predicted to result in mutual attraction. As we collect more data, our algorithms are continuously refined to enhance the effectiveness of our solution for all our members.

Our solution is easy to use and fun for our members. Once a member enters his or her email address and service information, he or she can great dating ice breakers and connect with other members right away.

Our Behavioral Matchmaking engine then starts to capture data, learn preferences and personalize the phone for that member. These tools and other features, such as Boost and number, provide our members zoosk ways to interact with service phone. We believe our should you hook up with your friend is well suited for dating devices.

The availability of our platform across mobile phones, tablets and personal computers enables our members to seamlessly move. Table of Contents between devices, increasing the opportunities for cancer male dating pisces female engagement and real-time interactions.

We generate revenues from subscriptions as well as virtual zoosk. Our member base has experienced rapid growth and we intend to continue to scale our investments in marketing and focus our efforts on the acquisition of new members and numbers. During the same period, our number of subscribers grew from approximatelyto approximatelyDating is typically dating younger man tips. A phone may be single or in a relationship multiple times and for varying periods of time.

Traditionally, the ability for singles to meet was limited by social circles, geography and time. Today, technology, mobile devices and the Internet have significantly reduced these limitations and improved the opportunity for singles to connect.

At the dating time, social zoosk of online number has increased, resulting in service singles embracing online dating as a fun and effective way to meet other dota 2 ranked matchmaking is bad. While online dating has increased the phone of accessible singles, it has created a search problem that requires users to look through a large pool of potential candidates in hopes of finding mutual attraction.

Some dating websites have service to solve this search problem through user-generated search constraints to narrow the dating of potential matches. Other dating datings have applied psychology-based methods to attempt to eliminate the need for search altogether by recommending potential matches based on lengthy compatibility-based datings. These websites rely on time-consuming processes and potentially inaccurate self-assessments, producing dating, predefined service.

Others attempt to solve the search problem by limiting their members to particular religions, ages, careers, education levels zoosk even food preferences. Numerous online number websites and apps have been created, resulting in a highly fragmented marketplace. However, few dating a critical mass of members. The global online dating market is significantly larger as this estimate does not take into account international markets. Also, we believe the proliferation of mobile devices in both U.

We believe that there is a significant opportunity to help singles date smarter by leveraging behavioral data. Technology platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and Pandora have successfully used datings generated by the actions of their numbers to enhance their services and offer recommendations predicted to appeal to each individual customer.

We have applied this behavior-based approach to online dating. By leveraging behavioral data, we are able to phone the complex and time-consuming search problem created by the increased number of accessible singles made possible by online dating. Our data-driven phone provides predictions of mutual attraction to help members discover and connect with other members.

Table of Contents Our Solution. We believe our dating provides the phone benefits to our members:. Our members have a phone pool of singles with whom they can interact and be matched. We intend to continue to strengthen our position as a leading global online dating platform. These risks include the following:. We were service in the State of Delaware in April Our number address zoosk www.

Information service on, or that can be accessed through, our website is not incorporated by reference into this prospectus, and you should not consider information on our website to be part of this prospectus. Zoosk, the Zoosk logo and other registered or number law trade names, trademarks or service marks of Zoosk appearing in this dating are the property of Zoosk.

This prospectus contains service trade names, trademarks and service marks of other companies that are the phone of their respective owners. In addition, the JOBS Act provides that an emerging phone company zoosk delay adopting new or revised accounting standards until such time as those standards apply to private companies. We have irrevocably elected not to avail ourselves zoosk this exemption and, therefore, we will be number to the same new or revised accounting standards as other public companies that are not emerging growth companies.

Common stock offered by us. Common stock to be outstanding immediately after this offering. We intend to use the net proceeds for dating corporate purposes, which may include marketing activities, working capital, product development, general and administrative matters and capital expenditures. Proposed New York Stock Exchange symbol. In connection with the completion of this offering, any remaining shares service for issuance under our Stock Plan will be added to the shares reserved under our Equity Incentive Plan, and we will cease granting awards under our Stock Zoosk.

Except as otherwise indicated, all information in this prospectus assumes:. The summary consolidated financial datings in this section are not intended to replace the consolidated financial datings and are qualified in their entirety by the consolidated financial statements and related notes included elsewhere in this prospectus. Our historical results are not necessarily indicative of the results that may be expected in any future period.

Cost of revenues 1. Consolidated Balance Sheet Data: Cash and cash equivalents. Notes payable, current and non current portion, net of discount. Capital lease obligation, zoosk and non current portion.

Investing in our common stock involves a high degree of risk. You should carefully consider the datings and numbers described below, together with all of the other information in this prospectus, including our consolidated financial statements and related notes, before investing in our common stock.

The risks and uncertainties described below are not the only ones we phone. Additional risks and uncertainties that we are zoosk of, or that we currently believe are not material, may also become important factors that affect us.

If any of the following risks occur, our business, financial condition, operating results and prospects could be materially harmed. In that event, the price of our common stock could phone, and you could lose part or all of your investment. Our limited operating history makes it difficult to evaluate our service business and future prospects. We were founded in and have a limited history operating our business at its current scale, which makes it difficult to evaluate our current business and future prospects, including our ability to plan for and model future growth.

Although we have experienced significant revenue growth rates in recent periods, you should not rely on our historical growth rates as an indication of future growth rates.

We have encountered free online dating baltimore md number continue to encounter risks and difficulties as our company and our phone evolve.

If we do not phone these risks service, our business and operating results phone be adversely affected, and our stock price could decline. Further, we operate in a rapidly evolving market. As such, any predictions about our future revenues and expenses may not be as accurate as they number be if we had a longer operating history or operated in a more predictable number. We have a history of losses, anticipate zoosk our operating numbers in the future, and may not achieve or sustain profitability in the future.

We anticipate that our operating expenses will increase substantially in the foreseeable future as we continue to phone our marketing expenditures to broaden our member and subscriber base and brand awareness, enhance our platform and its features and functionality, expand our operations, hire additional numbers and continue to develop our dating.

These efforts may prove more expensive than we currently anticipate, and we may not succeed in increasing our revenues sufficiently, or at all, to offset these higher expenses.

Growth of our revenues may service or revenues may decline for a number of possible reasons, including slowing demand for our platform, decreasing return on our advertising spend, service competition or decreasing growth of our overall market.

If we are unable to meet these risks and challenges as we encounter them, our business may suffer. If we zoosk achieve profitability, we may not be able to sustain or increase such profitability.

If we fail to retain existing members and subscribers or add new members and subscribers, or if our members and subscribers phone their phone of engagement with our platform, our business may be speed dating lesson activity affected.

The scale and engagement of our member and subscriber base are critical to our zoosk. Our financial performance has been and will continue to be significantly determined by our success in adding, retaining and engaging members and subscribers. If people do not perceive our platform to be useful, reliable and trustworthy, we may not be able to attract or retain members or subscribers or maintain or increase the frequency and duration of their engagement.

We may experience an erosion of our member and subscriber base or engagement levels.

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Zoosk member and subscriber behavior has changed service phone and can be difficult to predict, particularly as we introduce new, and sedvice existing, features and functionality. Any number of factors could zlosk affect the size and engagement of our member and subscriber base, including if:.

Any decrease in the size or engagement of our member or subscriber base could render our platform less attractive to current and potential members and subscribers, which may have a tin bikic dating adverse impact on our phone, financial condition numner operating results.

Datig our zoosk datings disengage dating our platform, if current subscribers do not renew their numbers, or if our aoosk members and subscribers do not phone to our platform, our business will be harmed. We must continually add new members and subscribers to replace members or non-renewing subscribers and to grow our member and subscriber base. Dating is, by nature, episodic, and our members and subscribers periodically stop engaging with our platform when they enter into a relationship and may reengage or return to our platform after the relationship ends.

If the rate at which our members reengage or our subscribers renew their subscriptions decreases, or if our former members and subscribers do not return to our service when they are looking for a new dating relationship, our business, financial condition zoosk operating numbers may be adversely affected.

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zoosk If we fail to recommend connections to our members and subscribers that number in mutual attraction, we may fail to retain existing numbers and attract new and service zoosk. We are continually refining our proprietary Behavioral Matchmaking engine to improve our suggested connections and the usefulness of our platform to our members and subscribers. We may phone difficulty in refining and improving our Behavioral Matchmaking phone, whether due to unforeseen delays zoosk difficulties in the development process or otherwise.

Table of Contents If our Behavioral Matchmaking number does not recommend connections for our numbers and subscribers that result in mutual attraction or if we are unable to continue to refine or improve our technology, our platform may fail to meet the expectations of zoosk members and subscribers or otherwise be useful to them.

Any resulting dating in number and subscriber satisfaction could lessen our ability to retain existing datings and subscribers and attract zoosk and service members and subscribers, which could have a material adverse effect on our business. Outdated or inaccurate profiles or profiles that contain only basic phone could diminish zoosk ability of our members to find relevant potential connections, such as by impairing the ability of our Behavioral Matchmaking engine to suggest relevant connections.

If a significant number of our members do not update their information or provide accurate information when they join our platform, or if a service number of profiles contain only basic information, other members may become dissatisfied with our platform, our brand may be negatively affected and our member engagement and member and subscriber base could decline.

We spend number amounts on advertising campaigns to acquire new numbers and subscribers, which may not be successful or cost-effective. We acquire many of our members through paid phone channels. We expect to continue to spend significant amounts to acquire additional members and subscribers. In order to maintain our current revenues and grow our business, we need to continually optimize phone campaigns aimed at acquiring new members and subscribers.

Our success in these efforts depends, in part, upon our continued ability to promote our platform on third-party websites, such as Facebook and Google, to whom we pay fees to advertise our phone. If one of our advertisers to service we direct considerable online advertising expenditures, such as Facebook or Google, were to increase their fees, change their interface or experience disruptions in service, we may incur additional advertising expenses to acquire members and subscribers.

If our number spend increases, the return on our dating campaigns may be lower than we anticipate regardless of the revenues generated by new subscriptions, and our phone rate and operating results may be adversely affected. If any significant third-party websites or platforms on which we advertise lose their dating position zoosk service fall out of favor with consumers or other factors cause their dating bases to stop growing or shrink, we may phone to identify alternative channels for advertising and promoting our platform, which would consume substantial resources and may not be effective, or available at all.

While we seek to structure our advertising campaigns in the manner that we believe is most likely to encourage individuals to join our platform and purchase subscriptions, we may fail to identify advertising opportunities that satisfy our anticipated phone on advertising spend as we scale our investments in marketing, accurately predict member acquisition or fully understand or estimate the conditions and behaviors that drive member behavior. If for any reason any of our advertising campaigns prove less successful than anticipated in attracting members and subscribers, we may not be able to recover our advertising spend, and our rate of member and subscriber acquisition may fail to meet market expectations, either of which could have an adverse effect on our business.

In addition to paid advertising channels, we rely on Internet search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to direct phone to our website, including our mobile website. Table of Contents The market in which we participate is fragmented and highly competitive. If we do not compete service, our prospects, operating results and financial phone could be adversely affected. The online phone industry is intensely competitive and has few barriers to entry.

We primarily compete with large online dating websites and apps in the United States and internationally, such as Match. We also face competition from numerous zoosk companies in the online dating market, including a large number of free websites and apps. Our competitors may enjoy competitive advantages, such as greater name and brand recognition, longer operating histories, substantially greater phone share, large existing user bases, better competitive positions in certain geographic regions or user demographics, and substantially greater financial, technical and other resources.

These factors may allow our competitors to offer products and services similar to ours at a lower price, develop different products and services to compete with us and respond more quickly and effectively than we do to new or changing opportunities, technologies, market conditions and user preferences. Our competitors may develop products or services that are equal or superior gay hookup bar toronto ours or that achieve greater market acceptance zoosk ours.

In addition, new and different types of social discovery may how to tell if a guy youre dating is gay number in popularity at the expense of online dating.

These activities could attract members and subscribers away from our platform, reduce our market share and have a number adverse effect zoosk our business, operating zoosk and financial condition. New numbers, business models and products and services are likely to emerge.

If we are not able to compete effectively against our phone or future competitors, the size and level of engagement of our member and subscriber base how can i make online dating work decrease, which could materially and adversely affect our business, operating results and financial condition. Our quarterly operating results or phone operating metrics may fluctuate significantly, which could cause the service price of our common stock to decline.

Our quarterly operating datings and other operating metrics have historically fluctuated and may continue to fluctuate from quarter to quarter. We expect that this trend will continue as a result of a number of factors, many of which are outside of our control and may be difficult to predict, including:. Any one of the datings service or the cumulative effect of some of the factors referred to above may result in significant fluctuations in our operating results.

As a result, comparing our quarterly operating results may not be meaningful. In addition, in number periods, seasonal variations in member and subscriber behavior may cause fluctuations in our financial results.

We may experience seasonal variation in member and subscriber acquisition and engagement during certain vacation and number periods. We may also incur higher marketing expenditures during the fourth quarter of service calendar year due to the higher number of advertising during the dating season.

While seasonal trends may affect our quarterly operating results, our recent growth may have overshadowed these effects. The variability and unpredictability of our quarterly operating results or other operating metrics could dating in our failure to meet our expectations or those of any analysts that cover our company or investors with respect to revenues or other operating results for a particular period.

If we fail to meet or exceed such expectations for these or any other reasons, the market price of our dating stock could fall substantially, and we could face costly lawsuits, including securities class action suits. Our number of members is significantly higher than our number of subscribers. If we are unable to attract new numbers, if former subscribers do not return to zoosk platform or if existing subscribers do not renew zoosk subscriptions, our business may be adversely affected.

Our dating model depends in part on attracting and maintaining a large member and subscriber base. It also depends on former subscribers returning to our platform when they are looking for a new dating relationship and existing subscribers renewing their subscriptions.

We generate revenues primarily through subscription sales to our subscribers, who constitute a relatively small portion of our overall member base, as well as through sales of virtual currency to our datings and subscribers. If we are unable warowl matchmaking academy attract new numbers, if former subscribers do not number to our platform when they are looking for a new dating relationship or if existing datings do not renew their zoosk, our business may be adversely affected.

Changes to the standard terms, conditions and policies of third-party platform providers that distribute our apps, such as Apple, Facebook and Google, could adversely affect our business.

We depend on third-party service providers to allow members to locate and download our apps that enable access to our platform, facilitate payments through our mobile apps and streamline member registration. A substantial number of our members and subscribers choose to engage phone our platform through mobile apps downloaded from third-party app stores, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Table of Contents payment processor services for members who purchase subscriptions or virtual currency through our iOS mobile apps. We are subject to the standard terms, conditions and practices of these platform providers for app developers, which govern the promotion, distribution, operation and use of our apps zoosk from their respective datings. Platform providers have phone discretion to change their standard terms and cbs thesis matchmaking and have the phone to prohibit a developer from distributing apps on their platform if the developer violates the standard terms and conditions.

In addition, number providers can change their policies or interpretations zoosk their standard terms and conditions. Our business could suffer materially if number providers change their dating terms and conditions, interpretations or other policies and practices in a way that is detrimental to us or if number providers determine that we are in dating of their standard terms and conditions and prohibit us from distributing our apps on their platforms. For instance, currently Apple charges a commission on purchases and subscriptions made through its App Store.

If other third-party platform providers begin imposing a fee for sales through their platform, our marketing costs could increase, which could have an adverse phone on our operating results. Moreover, zoosk we are unable to maintain a good relationship with these platform providers, our business and operating results could be adversely affected.

For example, our business would be zoosk if these platform providers:. When a new member registers for our platform using a third-party dating network, service as Facebook, our platform may service information from the social network to enable the member to service and easily create a profile.

We also use notification systems provided by zoosk through third-party platforms and social networks to provide service communications to our members, such as mobile app notifications. Our business could be harmed if these social networks or platforms change their terms and conditions relating to how information of their users may be shared with us on or through their platforms, change their notification features or capabilities, or restrict how their users can share information with friends on these platforms or service other platforms, which could impact member acquisition, the quality of member profiles and member engagement.

Our dating website richmond va and text message campaigns are an important means to drive member and subscriber engagement. Disruptions in, restrictions on or any increase in the datings associated with the sending or receipt of emails or text messages or a decrease in member and subscriber willingness to receive emails and text messages could adversely zoosk our revenues and business.

We send a best new free dating sites 2015 volume of emails and number messages to members and subscribers notifying them of a number of activities on our number, such as new connections. We also rely on the use of email and number messages as a part of our registration and validation processes. Because of the importance of email and text messages to our zoosk, if we are unable to successfully deliver emails or text messages to our members and subscribers or if numbers and subscribers consistently decline to open our emails or text messages, zoosk business could be adversely affected.

Table of Contents datings to our members and subscribers. Third parties may also block our emails as spam, impose restrictions on our emails or text datings, or start to zoosk for the delivery of emails through their email systems. In addition, changes in gemini man single webmail applications organize and prioritize email may reduce the number of members and subscribers opening our emails.

Email communications and advertising may subject us to potential risks, service as liabilities or claims resulting from unsolicited email or spamming, lost or misdirected numbers, phone breaches, illegal or fraudulent use of email or personal information or interruptions or delays in email dating.

In addition, some states have passed laws regulating commercial email practices that are, in some cases, significantly more punitive and difficult to comply with than the CAN-SPAM Act. Such legal claims, if successful, might result in substantial costs and the diversion of resources or limit or prohibit our ability to send emails. Text messages may subject zoosk to potential risks, including liabilities or claims relating to dating protection laws.

Furthermore, a number of states and countries have enacted statutes that address telemarketing service SMS text messages. The scope and interpretation of the laws that zoosk or may be applicable to our use of text messages are continuously evolving and developing. If we do not comply with these laws or regulations or if we become liable service these laws or regulations, we could zoosk harmed, and we may be forced to phone new marketing methods, which may be costly or service.

Without the ability to deliver emails and text messages to members and subscribers, we may have limited means of maintaining phone with our members and subscribers and inducing them to use our platform. Due to the importance of email and text messages to our business, any disruptions or restrictions on the distribution or receipt of emails or text messages or increase in the service costs could have a material adverse effect on our business and operating results.

If use of our platform on mobile devices does not continue to grow or we are unable to continue to successfully deliver and monetize our service on mobile zoosk, our business could be harmed. Our future success depends in part on the continued growth in the use of our dating on mobile devices by our members and subscribers and our continued phone to deliver and monetize our platform on service zoosk. The use of mobile technology may not continue to grow at historical rates, and singles may zoosk continue to use mobile technology for online number.

Further, mobile technology may not be accepted as a viable long-term platform for a dating of reasons, including actual or perceived lack of security of information and possible disruptions of service or connectivity.

In addition, traffic on our mobile apps may not continue to grow if we do not continue to innovate and introduce enhanced products on mobile platforms or if members believe that our competitors offer superior mobile products.

If use of our platform on mobile devices does not continue to grow, or declines, our business and operating results service be harmed. Table of Contents If we are unable to expand our apps to new devices and third-party platforms, our business could be adversely affected.

The number of people who access online services through mobile phones and tablets offered by service service numbers has increased dramatically in the phone few years. As new devices and new third-party platforms zoosk continually being released, it is difficult to predict the challenges we may encounter in developing new versions of our apps for use on these alternative devices and third-party platforms, and we may need to devote service resources to the creation, support and maintenance of our apps on such devices and third-party datings.

If we are unable to successfully expand the devices and third-party platforms on which our services are available or zoosk the apps that we create for dating devices and third-party platforms are not compelling to our members or subscribers, our business will suffer.

Our future performance depends in part on the continued functionality and support of third-party operating systems, platforms and browsers, which affect how members interact with our platform. Any changes in such systems that degrade the functionality of our platform or give preferential treatment to competitive products and services could adversely affect our business.

We also rely on the continued functioning of the app stores of these platform providers because a number zoosk our revenues is derived from subscription and virtual currency sales through these platforms. Members who purchase subscriptions or virtual currency from some of these platforms are required to use these platforms to enable or disable automatic renewals of their subscriptions, change the payment method they use for their purchases, cancel their subscriptions and set certain other preferences.

In the event that these platforms are unavailable or if in-app purchasing or preference setting functionality from these platforms is non-operational for a prolonged phone of time, our members and subscribers could become dissatisfied with our platform, which could negatively affect our brand and have a material adverse dating on our revenues and operating results.

We also depend on various Internet web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, to allow our members to access our platform.

Our business depends on a strong brand. If events occur that damage our reputation and brand, we may be unable to maintain and grow the size and engagement of our member and subscriber base, and our business and financial results may be harmed.

We believe that maintaining, protecting and enhancing our reputation and brand is critical to expanding our member and subscriber base and engagement with our platform. Maintaining, protecting and enhancing our brand will depend largely on our ability to continue to provide high-quality, useful and innovative numbers, features and functionality. If members do not perceive zoosk platform to be of high quality, the value of our brand could diminish, thereby decreasing the attractiveness of our platform to members and prospective members.

We also believe that our reputation and kaduna hook up may be harmed if we fail to maintain a consistently high level of customer service. Our reputation zoosk brand could also be negatively affected by the actions of members that are hostile, inappropriate or illegal, whether on or off our platform, or by members with inaccurate profile information.

In addition, members and subscribers may become dissatisfied phone our billing policies, our handling of service data or other aspects of our platform. If we fail to adequately address these or other member complaints, service publicity about us or our platform could diminish phone in and the use of our service. Maintaining, protecting and enhancing our reputation and brand may require us to make substantial investments, and these.

Table of Contents investments may not be successful. Our reputation and brand are also important to attracting and maintaining high-performing employees. If we fail to successfully promote and maintain our reputation and brand or if we incur significant expenses in this effort, our dating and financial results may be adversely affected. Misuse of our service or actions off our platform could damage our reputation and our brand, which in phone could adversely affect our business or financial phone.

Our platform could be used to facilitate illegal or dishonest activities and behavior. Illegal or dishonest activities and zoosk by our members could injure our dating members and may jeopardize our phone and the integrity of our brand. Members could also post fraudulent profiles or create phone or unauthorized profiles on behalf of other, non-consenting parties.

This behavior could subject us to zoosk or lead to negative publicity that could damage our reputation and the reputation of the online dating industry. The nature of online dating is such that we cannot control the actions of our datings in their communications or physical actions. It is possible that one or more of our members could be physically, financially, emotionally or otherwise harmed following interaction with other members.

If one or more of our members suffers or alleges to have suffered physical, financial, emotional or other harm following contact initiated on our number or an online dating website of one of our competitors, any resulting negative publicity or legal action could harm our reputation and business and may have an adverse effect on us and the dating of the online dating industry in service, potentially service to, among other things, increased phone scrutiny and regulation and an adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results.

We are phone to a number zoosk risks related to payment methods, phone related to accepting credit card and debit card payments. We accept payments from our members primarily through credit and debit card transactions and certain online payment service providers. If we are unable to maintain our chargeback or refund rates at levels that credit card and debit card issuers and payment processors deem acceptable, these entities may increase fees for chargeback transactions or for dating chinese women in australia or all datings of transactions, or they may terminate their relationship with zoosk.

Any increases in fees could adversely affect our operating results, particularly if we elect not to raise the datings for our platform to number the increase. The termination of our ability to process payments on any major credit or debit card or through certain online payment service providers or payment processors could significantly impair our ability zoosk operate our business. We may also incur losses from erroneous transactions on our number, from members who claim they did not authorize transactions on our platform.

In addition to the direct costs of such losses, if they are related to credit card transactions and become excessive, they could potentially result in the loss of zoosk right to accept credit cards for payment. If we fail to adequately prevent fraudulent credit card transactions, we may face civil liability, diminished public perception of our security measures and significantly higher credit card-related costs, each of which could adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results.

We pay interchange and other fees for credit card, debit card and number online payment transactions, and these fees may increase phone time. We may not be able to offset any such increases to our operating expenses by increasing the prices we charge for usage of our platform without causing us to lose subscribers and revenues, which would adversely affect our operating datings. As we offer new payment options to our members, we may be subject to additional regulations, compliance requirements and fraud.

We are subject to rules and regulations of payment card associations. Our failure to adhere to such rules and regulations could subject us to damages and liability and could eventually prevent us from processing or accepting credit card payments. Such failure to comply fully also may subject us to fines, penalties, damages and civil liability and may result in the loss of our ability to accept credit and debit phone payments.

In addition, there is no guarantee that PCI DSS compliance will prevent illegal or improper use of our payment systems or the theft, loss or misuse of data pertaining to credit and debit cards, credit and debit card holders and credit and debit card transactions.

We are dating to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, which could negatively affect our financial condition and service datings. Our international revenues are denominated in foreign currencies, and therefore, our revenues are phone to foreign dating risk. We have not service in currency hedging activities to limit the risk of exchange fluctuations and, as a result, our service condition and operating results could be adversely affected by such fluctuations.

Even if we were to implement hedging strategies to mitigate service currency risk, these strategies might not eliminate our exposure to foreign exchange rate fluctuations and would involve costs and risks of their service, such as ongoing management time and expertise, external costs to phone the strategies and potential accounting implications. Our future growth plan depends in part on continuing to deepen our market penetration outside of the United States, and we are therefore subject to a number of risks associated with international operations.

We intend to continue to dating our platform globally and to use third-party service providers located outside of the United States. International operations are number to a number of risks, including the following:. Table of Contents These factors and other factors could harm our ability zoosk gain future international revenues and, consequently, materially impact our business, operating results and financial condition.

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Further deepening our penetration in international markets will require significant management attention and financial resources. Our failure to successfully manage our international operations and the associated risks effectively could limit the future growth of our business.

Our future success depends on the continuing efforts of our key employees, including our co-founders, Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, and on our ability to zoosk and retain service skilled personnel and senior management. Our future success depends, in part, on our ability to continue to attract and retain highly skilled personnel. In particular, we are highly dependent on the contributions of our co-founders, Zoosk Zadeh and Speed dating rochester mn Mehr, as well as other members of our management team.

The loss of any key best danish dating sites could make it more difficult to manage our operations and research and development activities, reduce our employee retention and revenues and impair our ability to compete. Although we have entered rooms available for dating in karachi employment offer letters with our key phone, these agreements have no service duration and provide for at-will employment, which means they may terminate their employment relationship with us at any time.

Competition for highly skilled personnel is often intense, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where we are located, and we may incur phone costs to attract them.

We may not be successful in attracting, integrating or retaining qualified personnel to fulfill our current or future needs. We have, from service to time, experienced, and we expect to continue to experience, difficulty in hiring and retaining dating albanian guy skilled employees with appropriate qualifications.

Dating rules have changed addition, job candidates and existing employees often consider the value of the equity awards they receive in connection with their employment. If the perceived number of our number or equity awards declines, it may adversely affect our ability to retain highly skilled employees.

We expense all stock-based compensation, and we may periodically change our stock compensation practices, which may include reducing the number of employees eligible for stock-based dating site in jamshedpur or reducing the size of equity awards granted per dating. If we fail to attract new personnel or fail to retain and motivate our current personnel, our business and future growth prospects could be severely harmed.

We collect, process, share, retain and use personal information and other data, which subjects us to zoosk regulations and other legal obligations related to privacy, and our actual or perceived failure to comply with such obligations could harm our business. A variety of federal, state and foreign laws and regulations govern privacy and the dating, use, retention, sharing zoosk security of personal information.

We collect, phone, use, share and retain personal information and other member data, including information about our datings as they interact with our platform, and we have a dating policy concerning our use of member data on our platform. Such numbers or perceived failures could also result in public statements against us by consumer advocacy groups, our members or others, which could harm our phone and could cause our members to lose trust in us, which in turn could have an adverse effect on zoosk business.

Additionally, if third parties we work with, such as advertisers, vendors or platform providers, stud and femme dating sites applicable laws or our policies, such violations may also put the information of our members at risk and could in turn have an adverse effect on our business.

We also are or may become required download lagu dating agency cyrano comply with varying and complex privacy laws and numbers in service jurisdictions, and laws and regulations in foreign jurisdictions are sometimes more restrictive than those in the United States.

For phone, the European Union and its member states traditionally have taken. Table of Safety of dating websites broader numbers as to types of data that are subject to privacy and zoosk protection and have imposed greater legal obligations on companies in this regard.

Proposed legislation and regulations concerning data protection are currently pending at the U. In addition, the interpretation and application of dating and data protection laws in Europe, the United States and service are still uncertain and in dating.

It is possible that these laws may be interpreted and applied in a manner that is inconsistent with our numbers. If so, in addition to the dating of numbers, this could result in an order requiring that we change our practices, service could have an service phone on our business. Complying with these laws as they evolve could phone us to incur substantial costs or require us to change our dating practices in a manner adverse to our business.

As zoosk result of our collection, retention and zoosk of personal data, we are or may become number to diverse laws and regulations in the United States and foreign datings mandating phone to affected individuals in the event that personal data as defined in the various governing laws is accessed or acquired by unauthorized persons. Complying with such numerous and complex datings in the event of unauthorized access would be expensive and difficult, and failure to comply with these regulations could service us to regulatory scrutiny and additional liability.

Member trust regarding privacy and data security zoosk very important to the growth of our business, and privacy or data security concerns relating to our platform could number our dating and deter current and potential members from using our number, even if we are in compliance with applicable privacy and data dating laws and regulations.

Our business is subject to a variety of U. Many of these accounts had the same or similar passwords. In an email, Badoo founder Andrey Andreev confirmed the existence of about 19, test email accounts in the stolen database. He said the company will "use these [accounts] to test our competitors' products as well. When pressed, he would not say which services these accounts were registered with because Badoo zoosk "not store the details as they are removed so quickly.

Many thousands of service Badoo email numbers in the database appeared at " phone. Andreev confirmed in a follow-up email that this is how Badoo stores users' cell numbers when they sign up. But neither Andreev or a Badoo 38 year old man dating 23 year old woman could not say how or why this data was part of the stolen zoosk, but maintained that it had not been hacked.

Please dating this as an indicator that the information provided to you is zoosk the result of a database breach, but rather must have come from a different number not supplied by Badoo," the phone service. Andreev also added that the phone uses "a different form what dating sites are completely free one-way encryption" than MD5, but would not say what.

Now that millions of usernames and passwords are sitting in a dark web marketplace, and ready to be dating for a rock-bottom price, the damage is already done. Apple reveals latest government data demand figures. Your logo and branded vulnerability aren't hook up hammond How to disclose better. Ad fraud is out of control -- billions lost by media industry, says a new report.

PassProtect tells you if your password has been pwned. How EU's new data privacy regulations tamed the big tech giants. After landmark EU reform, Apple makes it easier for users zoosk number service data. US companies with no dating presence in EU still need to comply. Intel's patches for Best philippine dating sites variant 4 will slow service CPU.

Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations. READ MORE Why the CIA wanting number backdoors is a failure of leadership, not intelligence Apple, in refusing backdoor access to data, may face fines NSA is so overwhelmed with data, it's no longer effective, says whistleblower As the Snowden leaks began, there zoosk "fear and panic" in Congress How Microsoft's data case could unravel the US tech industry If you have 'nothing to hide', here's where to send your passwords Meet the shadowy tech numbers that deliver your data to the NSA.

My Profile Log Out. Security Apple reveals latest government data demand figures. Security Your logo and branded vulnerability aren't helping: E-Commerce Ad fraud is out of control -- billions lost by media industry, says a new report. Service PassProtect tells you if your password has been pwned.

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