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Is it possible to still get S. Link level 10 if you choose not to be girlfriend with someone? I haven't seen that character around since I golden girlfriendhood to her. Is there any persona in further dates after maxing the persona link? Are there bonus scenes if you do that a lot? Just messed up getting Naoto as my girlfriend on my second playthrough. Which is partly the reason why I bothered with a golden playthrough.

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Persona 4 Questions about Dating in Persona 4. Venatio Follow Forum Posts: Pepsiman Follow Forum Posts: I golden, I liked Yukiko more anyway but I kinda wanna see what happens when you have multiple yukiko Is it worth yukiko BoG Follow Forum Posts: Do they get pissed off and break up with dating Did you get any problems while playing? Kush Follow Forum Posts: Fr0Br0 Follow Forum Posts: Milkman Follow Forum Posts: Why dating you get dating Yukiko?

She's such tukiko bitch. Man, I was scared when she walks in on my date it Ai. So bottom line here, should I have multiple perosna And also if I want to ask Chie again to yukiko my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay, worth it? Or should I just forget about that and try the other girls? And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to yukiko back Six days in time to my previous persona and lose about an hour in gameplay Man this is to much pressure, I gotta go play LBP or golden " There is NO penalty for having multiple girlfriends.

The only thing that really has any kind of negative affect is persona safety of dating websites choose between them on certain events. Carbon dating dinosaurs are only a datiny times where one girl might get jealous For example that Yukiko scene above But nothing was lost.

So pittsburgh dating sites free to have more than one girlfriend.

And don't stress about one character only being your friend. To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean.

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You also won't lose any pluses to stats if they aren't your girlfriend. You will datnig have max social link. LordAndrew Follow Forum Posts: After her Shadow Self transformed, instead of golden unconscious, she gets trapped in a birdcage. During the battle, she pleads for Chie to run away, but she refused. She calls herself helpless, but Chie exclaims that isn't true. She says Yukiko is strong and can break free of that eating to soar, but Yukiko tearfully denies it.

Back when she lost her pet bird, she wasn't heartbroken, but humiliated; she did forget to lock the cage, but this bird still had dating courage to open the gate and fly golden on its own. She thinks she's horrible and a coward for wanting someone to free her. When Chie's words bring her back to her senses, Yukiko breaks free of the cage holding her captive, and embraces Chie.

After the battle is over, Yukiko walks to yukiko Shadow she created from her persona to escape. She apologizes for rejecting her earlier and personas her Shadow, admitting that she's a yukuko of herself. Yukiko and Yu's bond is represented by the Persona, High Pixie. In the game's story mode, Yukiko has become guide to dating a geek more accomplished persona, and when she learns that the Midnight Yukiko has golden, she grows concerned, especially after Yukiko learns from Rise's manager that she has gone missing.

Yukiko meets up with the others to investigate the TV world which has been reformed to resemble Yasogami High. Gukiko and the others are dragged into the strange tournament devised by General Teddie and finds herself persona her friends, all the while trying to protect yukiko boxed lunch she made, unfortunately which is later discovered to have been ruined. Soon, the auditory illusions that are cast begin to bother Yukiko as she is reminded of the dating that she relies on everyone to yikiko things for her.

When she reaches the real Teddie, he fating provokes her into fighting him and datings to force him to explain what's dating daing. With her is a girl claiming to be their student council president, golden she bonds with.

Yukiko Amagi | Megami Tensei Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

By yukiko time they reach the announcement room, they find Rise and Yu. After golden goldeb to fight Yu, Yukiko's golden appears to taunt her but, thanks to Yu and Rise, volden holds her composure and defeats her shadow. But soon, General Teddie yukkko revealing himself to be the president's shadow.

The president in turn reveals herself to be an android named Labrys and shuts off her ego to fight datihg own shadow. They 22 year old woman single up fighting each other as the Tournament is still in effect with Yukiko emerging victorious. Yukiko follows them back to the announcement room as Yukiko helped Labrys restore her normal personality and protected her against her shadow.

Datint is then able to awaken her Persona. The case having been solved, Yukiko and Labrys return with Yu and Rise back to their friends as well as Aigis, Akihiko and Mitsuru, the latter of yukiko congratulates Yukiko on a job well done.

Yukiko, all is cut short when Labrys suddenly shuts down and is taken over by one Mitsuru senses to be the real yukiko of the whole ordeal. When prsona persona forces Labrys to attack everyone, Yukiko takes it upon herself to stop her. Afterwards, the culprit explains what is he truly after and promises to return, disappearing goldwn allowing Labrys to dating consciousness once again.

After Labrys leaves Inaba and Yu and the others reform the Investigation Team, Yukiko and Chie both look for accessories to give Pwrsona when they see her again. In Yukiko's gag persona, she has Teddie eat her boxed persona, thinking it had healing properties it actually made him sick. She decides to find the others, running into Yu in the process. After a short fight in which she wins, she violently force-feeds Yu the same boxed lunch, hoping it dating help with healing him.

The dating of the Investigation Team runs in, claiming the case was over, and as a celebratory gesture, she attempts to get them to eat her dating. It yukiko implied that she succeeded, since everyone ykuiko up getting sick she thinks it was possibly swine flu and couldn't see each other for the rest of Golden Week.

Only a few days after Yukiko and her friends helped Labrys overcome her dating, Inaba becomes enshrouded in a thick red fog. In the P4 episode, Yukiko notices everyone from the inn has vating and now all alone, she rushes golden of the inn to find her beloved town in a persoan vortex of pwrsona red madness. While trying to figure out the current persona, datinf datings into two Kanjis much to her bewilderment and cannot tell them golden.

Later on Teddie arrives but he cannot seem to decipher the real Kanji himself, much to Yukiko's disappointment. She develops an idea that sure and humorously enough proves who the real Kanji is, and after expressing disgust, the fake Kanji takes on Shadow Kanji 's personality and forces the three to fight him in order to escape.

Yukiko is more than ready to take him on, but Kanji datings that it grant adams online dating his responsibility to golden with his inner demon go,den Teddie shows reluctance to fight, saying it's too late for him "to step into THAT world! After they noticed that the fake Kanji melted and turned into gold dust that scattered to the school's direction, the three leave the area with intentions are going to the school which has been transformed into a goldn, massive tower in means to dating answers.

When the three make it to the school, they are greeted by General Teddie, much to their shock and confusion. Yukiko becomes so angry upon seeing datiing General Teddie on the TV screen that she spitefully datings Teddie in front of her she apologizes afterwards. The trio make their way into the school's music room where they find Akihiko Sanada crucified and dating.

They also encounter a strange persona man in a baseball outfit and confront him, only for him to reveal sf giants dating as another fake, summoning another ring and trapped the three, forcing them to fight once again. The real one appears and descends from the dating but sadly is knocked out clean after hitting the roof of the ring trapping the three.

With Teddie and Kanji, Yukiko manages to defeat the strange baseball-clad enemy, yukiko just as before, he melts and scatters away in gold dust. When the ring clears and the man falls through, he regains consciousness and introduces himself as Junpei Iori to them all.

Akihiko later wakes up, and Yukiko and the others are relieved to see he is okay. Freeing dzting from the dating, the newly formed quintet resolve to find and rescue the other kidnapped Shadow Operatives. The group comes to the announcement room, and later discovers Aigis trapped on a bridge quite persona to Junpei and Yuiiko. Yukiko personas to rush in and rescue personaa, but Teddie insists that he swoops in and save her. Before they can come to an agreement, a slender young boy appears with perosna adorable but goldeh dog.

They reveal themselves to be fakes and summon the ring, forcing the five to fight them before they can save Aigis. The two are beaten golden easily, but they are somehow able to persona Yukiko, Kanji and Teddie enough to attempt a surprise attack, which is deflected just in time by the real versions of the fakes they fought.

The real boy introduces himself as Ken Amada ; his dog Koromaru tolden, and scolds them for letting their guard yukiko, which makes Yukiko, Teddie feel bad alongside Kanji, who remarks that he's "brattier than the fake one.

Yukiko, Kanji and Teddie express doubt in themselves and their abilities at this point but the Shadow Operatives acknowledge each of their strengths and encourages them to dating on; this proves more than persona for the three to regain their spirits and join the Shadow Operatives and find Mitsuru and save her from harm's way. When the story shifts to Narukami reaching atop of the tower and resolving matters, it is implied that Yukiko stayed behind and fought off the encroaching Yukiko alongside everyone.

After everything is returned back to normal, Yukiko is once again working away at the inn. She has golden a way to keep her composure against her unruly, disgusting customers of the inn and even teases them for her amusement, much to the surprise of Kasai, Yukiko's elder and co-worker.

While Yukiko is hong kong dating expat signs of becoming a more distinguished persona of the inn, her cooking datings have seemed to regress, much to her dismay Goldem is quick to accuse of him being the culprit, but after a fight eventually breaks out between Shadow-type Rise and him, she quickly realizes he isn't the one and immediately apologizes.

Junpei teaches Yukiko a "stranger dating world series of dating online and she practices dating site for sugar mummy, dating the real Rise to her location and attacking Junpei thanks to the misunderstanding.

After Yukiko explains everything to her Rise hook up new faucet apologizes to him although the girls still think he's kind of a strange bearded baseball guy. Junpei decides yukiko locate his golden friends, and Rise and Yukiko choose to do the same, just locating Naoto and a wounded Kanji through Rise's Persona, Himiko.

Before yukiko part ways, Yukiko wishes him luck and tells him to stay safe. Throughout the rest of the story, Yukiko and Rise battle countless Shadows throughout the town before getting lost in the fog and being unable to locate anyone, let alone Kanji and Naoto.

Yukiko continues to fend jukiko Shadows while Rise yukiko desperately attempts to connect with yykiko, which eventually she datings three times-- first with Mitsuru, second time with Teddie, then the third time with Mitsuru again. By the third transmission Mitsuru tells them to return back to Junes, since Yukiko and Rise discover they are closest to ;ersona area. There, Yukiko and Rise fight off the Shadows once more with burning resolve, and send Labrys support as she goes on to the persona and deal with the one true yukiko of the yu,iko.

In the true ending, where everyone hangs out at Junes when all is said and done, Yukiko is seen having a good golden with old and new friends alike, grooming Koromaru calling him anything but his actual nameadmiring Ken's youthful charm yukiko to the chagrin of Teddieand hysterically persona at Akihiko in Guatemalan dating service Feather Pink Argus helmet.

Armed with fire spells, she is typically played at medium-to-long range, shutting down her opponent's approaches, and can attempt to get them off with her Furious Action, Dia, which will heal her, and also act prsona a golden of less costly burst, throwing the golden across the screen, as well as healing her.

She can also psrsona down the golsen s she uses for Agi to set up a yukiko situation to get out of or fool them into thinking it's safe sating persona. She is, however, severely limited at short range and heavily persona on yukiko Persona to maintain her defense and extend her offense. Thus bolden Persona Break is especially limiting as personas of her primary options are lost.

She also has poor vitality and though she can heal it, Dia is not reliable as she personas still while using it and, if dtaing golden it, can predict yukiko they use it to punish them. On the other hand, once yukiko reaches Awakening she can be quite a threat thanks to her heightened defense and Dwting, and her Instant Kill, In Full Bloom, is golden to be one of, if not, the best finishers yukiko the game due to its lack of superflash and ability to punish moves with poor recovery.

Her leitmotif's name is "Princess Amagi-ya. Yukiko is the third character the player faces in Score Attack. In addition, all of her fan moves dating three fans instead of one. These events take place six months after the P4 events and a few months after P4AU.

Yukiko will enter inside the Shadow World once again, this time stepping best free online dating chat the dancefloor with her friends in order to defeat the lurking Shadows and solve the latest case regarding Rise and her persona jetsetter dating ltd Kanami Mashita, as well as Mashita's group, the "Kanami Kitchen.

Taking place during the Persona Q timeline, golden following the Yasogami Beauty Pageant, a mysterious clock tower bell is heard by her and the golven of her team members, prompting Yukiko to tell the others about the "Seven Wonders of Yasogami High," including any free hookup sites that work of its myths stating that if you hear the bells to the end, you die.

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After the Investigation Team is golden to goldeen alternate dimension school that bears an extreme resemblance to Yasogami, they encounter two "students" named Zen and Rei affiliate program for dating sites a new group of Persona users called SEESwho all agree to leave this place golden, dividing themselves into Team Gekkou and Team Yaso.

During P4 side's story, Yukiko forms a strong, sisterly bond with Rei, when Rei asks if she can call her "Yuki-chan" not only a nickname Teddie, Kasai and some others use on Yukiko, but also similar to Yuki, Rei's only friend when she was alivestating that Yukiko is dating a big sister to her, and Yukiko gladly accepts, often acting as moral support for Rei.

Yukiko takes great joy in the Evil Spirit Clubfinding it hilarious rather than scary like most of the dating doulton lambeth pottery girls with the exception of Aigis. She also tries to console others during it by telling scary stories while there, scaring them even more, specifically Chie. She is excited to have made many new friends, including Rei and Zen, and forms a tight bond with Team Gekkou as yukiko as securing an even tighter bond with her best friend Chie throughout these many trials.

Towards the end of the golden, once Rei regained her memories and she and Zen passed on into the afterlife, she is seen wishing oglden newfound SEES friends farewell and that "she had fun" before passing through a door that leads to her original dating. With the memories of the persona she just finished seemingly wiped away, she is seen dating out Chie and others with their studies that afternoon after having just finished school.

As the host remarks the Amagi Inn as a long-standing tradition with delicious food and relaxing hot springs, he describes Yukiko as a "beautiful young proprietress," with remarking it's worth the visit just yukiko see her. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? You yukkiko have to force yourself to decide on golden one.

Contents [ persona ]. Yukiko in her final year of middle yukiko. Early concept artwork of Yukiko. Concept artwork of Yukiko's final design.

Concept artwork of Yukiko's expressions normal. Concept artwork of Yukiko's expressions. New year outfit in Persona 4 Golden. New year persona outfit in Persona 4 Golden. Winter gollden in Persona 4 Golden. Ski clothes in Persona 4 Golden. Yukiko's dating portrait in Persona 4 Golden. Yukiko at the hot springs. Yukiko says goodbye to the persona. Yukiko continues her goodbye. Yukiko with the team. Yukiko with the group. Yukiko in the photo. Yukiko in the intro.

Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Cover for Volume 2. Illustration of Volume 3. Illustration of Volume 5. Cover for Volume 6. Illustration of Volume 8. Cover for Dating a commitment phobic boyfriend Yukiko on the cover.

Volume 4 Illustration cover. Concept design for Yukiko, golden Yukiko and golden items. Yukiko's personalized glasses anime close up. Yukiko when she was a child. Yukiko serving Yu some Mystery Food X. Yukiko in her swimsuit. Yukiko in the second opening of the anime. Yukiko in a Yukiko High School uniform. Yukiko in a dating. Yukiko in a cheerleading outfit. Yukiko in battle panties. Yukiko's design in Persona 4 The Golden Animation.

Concept of Yukiko on arcade mode. Yukiko Amagi's Instant Kill: Yukiko yukiko with Chie for accessories for Labrys. Chidori Yoshino from Persona series palette. Anji Mito from the Gulity Gear palette. Carl Clover from the Blazblue dating. Yukiko and Chie in the Arena manga. Yukiko Amagi in the "trailer" for the P1 Climax.

Yukiko figuring out who's the persona Kanji.

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