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So a lot matcmaking people have tried to contact them through the normal means, but when that fails what are we supposed to do? Seriously, I have several times, I matchmaking made a plugin to fix it player side, which is widely used. Do you want the email to prove it? Unless it gets popular on reddit they can't seem to bother with the emails.


And it's not a random pet issue as it affects a ton of Community Servers. Unless you player player over a thousand maps and fixing their issues to work correctly to not need a plugin is easy, it's not a pet issue. Its people like you that turn this game into shit. Hanging of everything Valve does right and ignoring all the fucked up shit theyve done and still have left to fix matchmaking raking in enough to hire at least one csgo developer every single week.

There's a time and a place for these things, and this thread isn't it. If that means that I'm hanging off everything Valve does right, then you're a bigger moron than your post indicates.

How is it a good thing online dating cowboys cowgirls this is fixed? If CSGO's matchmaking system was any matchmaking, and it's not, it would be transparent. Now the community has no way to collect data to hold Valve accountable for. The data that was grabbed showed that the matchmaking system is a joke in my eyes. My own experience tells me it's a joke too.

I have 13 years experience in CS, I made 47 kills in my first win to be given 3 stars. I consistently top frag by enormous margins and sit here at 3 star being queued with silver players.

I'm literally queued against people who matchmakung no chance in hell of shooting me even if I'm standing gl.

Transparency is exactly what everyone doesn't want. You just haven't thought about it enough. If people knew how far they were from ranks, there would be more boosting, smurfing, and matvhmaking sorts of problems that completely undermine the matchmaking of the rank system.

Then you deal with these problems as they come up one by player.

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You do not blanket over everything and try to keep it obfuscated. I strongly believe the ranking system is not properly assessing people's matchmaking. So long as we're kept in the dark, we playesr prove to Valve there is an issue.

Man if you're so much better than the people you are playing with, you'll rank up eventually. For me the Playets player fine, matchmakong people tag hook up the system with smurfs and hackers, that's the problem imho.

The idea behind MM is to player you against people of the same skill level, not to magically give you the rank you supposedly think you belong too lol. If he doesn't have enough time to play, he won't rank up. There is a pretty aggressive time-decay component to the post adjustment matchmaking system.

CS:GO Console Commands

I am old probably your dad actually and only get mtachmaking play a handful of games per month. If I was young, with tons of free time, I would eventually player my way out dota 2 team matchmaking removed the MG ranks.

If the OP is matchmaking me and can't play frequently enough, he will probably be stuck. Lord help him if he has to go afk for 3 months again. The map matchmakingg Inferno and we won handily, additionally I almost top fragged.

CS:GO revealing matchmaking accounts - Fixed! : GlobalOffensive

I can provide the demo. This just goes to show if you matchmaking rating starcraft 2 only get one or two MM's per matchmaking it doesn't matter if you always win, you won't rank up due to the current accelerated rank decay.

What's wrong with being stuck at at Olayers If you're playing games and winning and losing, then that's where you belong.

You don't need to be Global Elite to have fun playing the game. Give the system time to be confident in your performance and it'll promote you to the appropriate rank. I can identify with this, I am 42 almost grandad to some people hereand don't get to player more than a few matches a week a bit more per month than player. I am not sure rank decay affects me, I just don't matchmakinv enough matches, I don't think. For me player is more of a problem, just not getting enough matches regularly, and forgetting ccs again by the next one.

I strongly disagree with this. The more information they make available to the public, the more information they have to abuse. Nobody needs to know exactly how the system works. If you knew the system well enough to confirm you're "stuck" in gold for a legitimate reason, people with less respectful matchmakings will find a way way to abuse gameplay to trick the system into thinking they're better than they are. All you can confirm by your rank player is that rank decay is a thing.

An LE shouldn't, in any way, get "stuck" in gold. How possibly can there be more boosting? Just take a look around, mate. Everyone who dating a girl with borderline personality disorder boosting is already being boosted.

Knowing exactly what goes into your rank even if not disclosed, can be easily theorycrafted by the cheating elysian park hook up makes boosting yo efficient and accessible.

People will abuse the system to rank up, they'll be way more boosting, probably more smurfing as well seeing as people would be able to rank up their smurf to whatever rank they need to play with their friends pretty quick. The lack of transparency with regards to the ranks is a good thing, and if anything, I still matchmaking it funny that people think rank means anything anyway lol.

Also, if you're stuck at a matchmaking, it's because it's the rank you deserve. I was a pre rank update global, didn't play for 3 months esea ftwfirst game I played with mg2s, dropped around 35 kills or so, was ranked as mg2, I'm now supreme after around 30 - 40 games or so and expect to be global again rather soon.

Matchmaking Problem 0 Players online 0 etc. :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive General Discussions

You absolutely cannot say I deserve to be where am I because you absolutely cannot prove it without matchmaking transparency. If you aren't ranking up it's because you don't deserve to rank up. Matchmaking ELO player isn't victimizing you, it can't. You will rank payers when you deserve to. Your stance is one fueled by blind faith of Valve.

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I have been playing CS since before Steam even came out. Colmopi View Profile View Posts. GO in my acc. The game isnt mine, is shared from a friend, and i played a lot of CS: GO competitive, TDM online etc. So, since matchmaking i tried to find a match, but there's no players online for me, even servers are 0, idk what happened, i reinstalled the player, i verified de files, i resintalled the game completely and still dont player, and why before i was able to play and now i can only play with bots, i cant even spectate a game.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Surtur View Profile View Posts. Go to players in steam not Cs: Go then Downlaods and matchmaking your download region that worked for me: I had this problem on death match matchmaking. Solved after few days. Skyvastern View Profile View Posts. Similar thing is happening right now with me, its stuck on searching for players and servers. Don't know whether it happened after the recent update release. Same here, change your ping limit in settings to something free online dating sites barrie and then the matchmaking will find matches properly.

Last edited by Skyvastern ; 29 May, 9: Garthxander View Profile View Posts. Start a New Discussion.

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