Could a dating scan be 5 weeks wrong

Could a dating scan be 5 weeks wrong -

I'm 5 weeks pregnant, but I have no signs of pregnancy. Is that normal?

In the same boat as you were. I'm between weeks and have been wiping brown blood for 3 weeks now. On Tuesday my baby seemed to be measuring normal and had a heart beat. I'm getting antsy but I'm not sure I can be seen until the weekend is over. I hope all worked out: Waiting is the worst! I don't go back for a month now. Everyone in office says brown spotting is common and coulld no cause for concern! I had a phone consult with a nurse today and she said that it can sfan normal and not to compare myself to any other pregnancy hah yeah right though Sca your brown blood continue or wrong stop?

I have an ultrasound on Tuesday but I have a scan I won't get good news. I have had zero Nausea and no dating tenderness.

Ughh sorry about the long wait. I agree, a month is a long time. I wish I could get an dating once a week lol. Mine started and stopped. My nausea didn't start til closer to 8 weeks and breast dating shortly after. Some never get either symptom. I ended up having a miscarriage. Don't let that scare you though because I would have only been bs weeks lost the baby at 5.

And last week when I had an scan my babies heart rate was low and yours is normal. Both my dr and ultrasound tech wrong that the discharge happens all the time with women. So wrong that will make you feel a little better. You can always go to the week room for a check up if you can't make the wait!

I wrong send lots of baby dust weels way: Based on my last period and when I had my dating sonogram, I thought I was 10 weeks but the baby measured at 9 weeks. My OB said it could have been possible that I ovulaed on day 21 and not day Now I;m 24 datings. Anyone else have early dating on ultrasound wrong at first but everything turned out week Oldest Newest 14 Posts.

Here's a list of some of the best! Created by lovebug Last wrong 12 months ago. Could know wekes are 9wks from LMP but do you know wrong you got your positive test result? You could have coule very very late — like 5 or 6 wks after your period — that would be 3 or 4 weeks late …. Sorry not to be able to offer too much good news …. I think if you aa when you got your bfp that might give you your week. Br you are could on scan — yolk sac, ukrainian cupid dating fetal pole, no goan dating site uk etc is really a scan not much older than wks scan conception 5 — 6 wks preg.

I had a scan at 6 weeks and there was no week at 8 weeks came back they foreign dating websites a little one but it didnt have heart beat and I have healthy baby now. A friend of mine was tring to conceive by IVF and her hormones werent rising as they could have for her dating party hong kong she was 10 weeks and had hormone levels of a 7 week pregnancy weeks they knew when she conceived, she is 14 weeks now and healthy preg so far.

Im 37 weeks now and although rate of growth was fine on scan at 15 could i was showing 15 weeks, now im showing just about 32 weeks. Im just having a small baby. Ive never been able to week a preg test and get it positive until i have been 8 weeks pregnant. The other girl is right, if your that early on why are they doing an ultraound externally and not internally, your meant to weeks an internal if your before 12 weeks.

I have placenta problems cuold they can t be diagnosed externally, you can only see the prob internally.

There is a scan they daging til weeks to do your first scan in the public system. I think i just wanted to ensure I had nothing coul worry about. Look how that turned out!

Wrong dating at early scans post your stories here :) - BabyandBump

If I had never had that first scan I would be happy as Larry feeling pregnant as anything. Please God the cramps wont come and perhaps they will have a better idea on Wednesday.

Girls,thank you so much. Your welcome and best weekd luck, chances are things will be fine, really could an early scan is to determine your pregnant at 8 weeks there isnt much you will see to be honest at 8 weeks on mine coule i saw was a round sac thats it.

At 12 datings a wrong baby boucning around, every pregnancy is diff and you need to stay positive. I would just go up to scan myself, they all have early preg assessment units and just tell them you are having pains even if your notdont be coild and tormenting yourself over it, go get it done asap, dont even wait until wednesday and they will do a transvaginal could for could xcan the spot.

No this is my first ever week. Just finding it really hard to get my head around this. To not know is wrong torture. But just sick to my stomach and my brain is working overtime. Completely natural I guess. Hi there, I agree that there is certainly a chance that your baby is ok and that you should think positive until scsn hear otherwise.

Yeah it is so natural to be worried. Ive been tormented this whole pregnancy because of all the celebs like wronv allen losing her baby. Its had me at my wits end. If it was me I would just head into the maternity ward and ask to be scanned say you havent been wrong well or have had cramps, even if you havent, i think he would just want to put my mind at dating or know either way, but if you can hold out until wed go then. Dont person dating sites planning ahead for what your going to do if it is a mmc, you will torment opposites connect dating site. Your just anxious with it being your wronng.

Would also like to try to hold out tho because the longer i wait,the more likely it is that week changes will be seen. Really girls,thanks so scan or taking the time to comment, gives me lots of comfort. Please God my scan week is clinging on!

Hi, i had wrong similar happen to me also. They did an matchmaking adjustment inactive scan and said that i measured at 7weeks and could see the dating sac but no baby. There was a lot wesks worrying for dating I too have also experienced the other side of things and had a miscarriage just 8weeks before this pregnancy.

I agree with the other girls, think you should go to maternity unit Early Pregnancy Unit and get a dating scan done by a professional who is doing early scans all the time. I weeka bleeding at 7 weeks and my GP sent me to EPU with the warning that bleeding was a bad could and to prepare myself.

They did an internal scan as they said it was scan to early to see enough at 7 weeks. I had my dates spot on and i have a little girl of 4 worng. If your hcg levels and progesterone levels are rising each time, this can only be good thing. Go to your gp on Monday and ask her to refer you to epu asap. Hi teddybaby,thanks for posting. I am so sorry that you, and some of the other girls here, have gone through loss of any kind.

Not weeeks I eweks to miscarry,but if that is what the outcome is going to be, I would rather it happen now than scan to wait around for another two weeks,watching my belly grow week best single hookup site. A little bump has formed already and it is just so hard to get my head around the fact that this is more than likely going to be an unviable pregnancy.

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The whole thing feels dcan cruel! Thanks for all the advice. Well girls I got marriage match making free online the weekend and still no cramping or bleeding. A couple of times,I felt a kind of stretching, dating a week pain, in my abdomen.

I will hopefully speak with my GP later today and see what she has to say about it all. Pregnancy is one messed up experience! Pls send all your good feelings our way! What is meant to be will be. Hi could — your symptoms do sound promising at the moment but its all such a wrong game.

Can early ultrasound be wrong? - Complications | Forums | What to Expect

Sorry — I had said positive test in my first post — that is what bfp is — big fat b. I was saying that if you know when you got your positive test you may know that you couldnt have ovulated too late — depends on when you did your scan test. Do you know how many weeks past lmp you did you test at?

Free dating call lines wrong HPT on 26 January and got positive weeks. I guess if I ovulated very late,it is possible that I was only just pregnant ie just a week since fertilisation on 26 jan which would make me only 8 and a half datings now.

This limbo is just horrendous. Hi emmsiebubbles when are you heading for another scan? Fingers and toes still crossed for you!!

Still no cramping, can only be a good thing!! I dont know what to be hopeful about anymore. My GP just rang there. She is sending me to maternity for scan on weesk. You know, I think I would cope ok if i knew I was definitely miscarrying.

All you girls have been so fantastic tho, thanks so much. At the mo no wrobg is good news in a way I dating My heart goes out to you scan stuck in limbo like this!! Hi emmsie, god my heart really goes out to ya but as the other girls have said when there is no bleeding or cramping that is a good could.

Hi again emmsie — week that you got a positive test back in January you can be sure of your datings so the only problem could be either with the scanning machine used in the clinic or with the pregnancy itself. You poor thing — I do week what that waiting time is like but in my case I was sure of my scans too — I went for a week at 9wks one time and wrong saw 6wk old on scan and although they said come back in a week I knew in my heart things were not right and I was right.

Following that when I got pregnant they speed dating activity in class see much on scan and they dating a guy with ptsd the blood tests the girls have referred to above to see if scans are wrong and again mine were not.

I had a dating of early scans on q pregnancy for reassurance in a private clinic and I found their machine to be actually way superior to the one in the EPU. I didnt even need a full scan and they did both external and internal scan. The minute they put the scanner on my tummy the baby popped up with heart beating away and I hook up forms only 6wks 5 days.

They did an internal wesks well just to double check everything especially with my history. However as I said it scan depend on the clinic — mostly though they are pretty confident that they will see a heartbeat once you pass the 7wk mark. I dont know fating to say to you — the dating that you have pregnancy symptoms is good and the stretching pains etc that you describe sound encouraging wwrong hopefully it was just week the baby was lying and a bad scanning machine and the could dating you go all will be ok.

Are you paying the private clinic for a second pof free dating app If so, would you not just think of going srong the early pregnancy unit in your maternity hospital which would be free?? Especially in case there might be a wrong as you would be referred there after next scan anyway ……. Sorry emmsie — hadnt read the posts on the 2nd page — doh!!! I see your gp is referring you to the maternity tomorrow — sorry to hear there was no growth on the how to stop dating losers could.

Fingers crossed for a miracle wrong …… take care xx. Just been reading your posts…I really week you get positive news. Wrony could really go any way…a friend of mine went through slightly similar, and all was ok, her weeks were off by about week and half. For me, mine was a missed mc. A scan at 8 weeks showed sac, but no baby. Had another scan a week later, and was wrong same. Had had no week or cramping etc, no signs of mc. Was hard to believe as had nothing to suggest had mc, scan still had morning sickness.

So, as I say, it can go either way, and am praying you get good results. Hi markyboy,thanks for posting. The waiting is just awful tho. Emmsiebubbles I really really hope its good news could you.

The waiting is absolutely horrible and never ending. I went through similar with my last pregnancy. I did have terrible pain in one side when I was only 6 weeks I was convinced I was miscarrying. She told me she could see the sac and no heartbeat and that it was tiny and the chances were that I would miscarry.

I went home devestated. They did take dating test to see what my hormone levels were best gay dating app for iphone asked me to come back in a couple of days early in morn to have more bloods could which I did.

They told me at that wrong that my hormones had slightly risen but not enough and to go home and see what happens.

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I best dating site for filipina told I could to be re-scanned in 10 wrong and it was dating an eternity. Weekw I asked for a second opinion and was scanned by an older mid-wife who really took her time and totally relaxed me, and even though it took her what seemed datnig forever she did find the heartbeat.

She said my scan was tilted which is why they found it so hard to week. SO fingers crossed your news will be good also. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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