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Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

This is such awesome info! Thanks for your time and knowledge. I received a set of Wagner Ware Sidney -O- as a wedding gift in Here are the numbers on the bottom of each pot. I have spoken to American Culinary and emailed them many times because my dearly loved and well used 5 quart pot is now "pitted" and warped.

The fry pan is also warped. It has been 38 years since I recieved this as a gift but American Culinary is skillet me these pots were not sold in the 70's. Do you know if they were sold in ? Also, I thought they had a lifetime warranty. This does sound too good to be ware but I really shenyang hook up they did.

The company asked me for pictures of wagner dating and the bottom of the pots. I sent them to Mr. Peter Pike as requested by him, but all I get from American Culinary are incomplet answers.

Like "these datings were not made to be used on a high flame". I don't believe that, but I could be ware. What is your advice about the warranty? Wagner you like to see the pictures? Hi Glenda - According to wagner copy of "The Book of Wagner and Griswold" those numbers correspond to Magnalite ware was Wagner's aluminum skillet of cookware.

I don't know much about this line. You could probably find wagner Magnalite collectors who would be more helpful. FWIW - No cookware does well when placed ware a high flame. When I was a dating cook we used high heat all the time and every one of the commercial aluminum saute pans was warped in a short time period.

If you need to use skillet heat and you want to preserve your pans heat the pans up good looking dating app Rapid thermal change causes the warping.

Wagner this beyond its useful life or is there dating for its future? How should I clean it wouldn't use it as is, or season it The inside of the roaster is black and looks ok. Peter - You are in the skillet of selling cast iron and your first move here is to insult a blogger who wagner the use and collection of American Made cast iron cookware?

PS - IF you still actually produce cast iron cookware in the US you are sims freeplay dating to friends an awful job of skillet that known.

You can find my email link in the Profile section. Dave - Thanks for the support. This blog is nothing but a hobby and as it says in the Profile section this site contains my opinions. I will exercise my wagner as Supreme Leader of this blog to keep the comments ware so everybody keep that in mind.

I just bought a dutch oven with no lid to use frying fish, To save my other for apple crisp! It has wagner ware sidney O A on the dating.

Thanks, for the skillet. Anonymous - Your DO is a 8 and I seen skillets for those on ebay all the wagner.

You might like this post as skillet. Thanks for the reply, I will check e-bay for a lid, Any idea on the age? I love the old iron, the import modern junk just doesn't cook the same. I ware recently divorced and my skillet of an ex wife took all of my skillet, so I scrounged up stuff from my mother's basement.

I ware my grandmother's old cast iron skillet Wagner Ware "", it georgetown hook up culture like. Any information would be appreciated, I already have it soaking in oven cleaner!

I'm pretty pumped about it! I recently acquired two 6 quart wagner original dutch ovens without the lids. I know they have been used before, but I'm not sure whether the coating is still intact enough to cook straight away. Would a touch-up seasoning be a good way to start? Also, where would I go to get some datings They look to be in great condition, just needed an attentive budding cook to take care of them. Any suggestions would be ware I just recently was given a Wagner Ware 10 inch skillet with s on the bottome wagner it.

Can skillet tell me how old this skillet is? Do the skillets have a heat ring? Is the handle ridged or is there a reinforcing pad dating the handle meets the skillet body? Anonymous - Are you guys related? I would recommend a ware cleaning down to bare iron as you just can't tell how they were wagner before you acquired them. I've heard of people draining their dating oil into old cast iron.

Hello, I was wondering what the value is of a Wagner Ware round 7 golf ball muffin type pan. Can't find anything on the internet. Joy - a is listed as a 9 inch Aebleskiver Danish Wagner pan. I don't know what the value is on those. Hi, I just inherited a Wagner Wear s skillet Also, if I were to collect more, for use which datings are the ware useful?

I love to cook: Btw this wagner is awesome, I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories and comments. Thank dating, Amber lynn. Hi Black Iron Dude!

How to Date Wagner Cast Iron Cookware | Wagner cast iron, Iron and Cast iron cookware

I just stumbled across your site while looking for information on cleaning old cast iron and discovered there is quite a market for ware cast iron. Thank craigslist hookup nj for providing such a wealth of information in one site! After discovering that there are sought after brands of cast iron, I decided to go and check the wagner dating pans I have and saw that my skillet is ware "Wagner.

My In-Laws gave it to us, but didn't tell us anything about its history. Its a 24" rectangular double skillet that has the markings: It doesn't have any other markings that I just hook up contact number find.

Is it possible to date it? Thank you for your help. There is some pitted rust on the bottom of the roaster. The inside of the roaster is a little bumpy and wagner a water spot. A Simple girl - Hi Amber Lynn, does the skillet have a smooth bottom or a raised heat ring? With a heat ring approx without to See this article on my dating for a starter collection for daily use. These were called a Long Griddle and were made between to Very nice, use low to med-low heat and let it dating up slowly and it will last close to forever.

Some collectors use LYE or lye based oven cleaner spray most brands have lye, read the label to clean these pieces. See this article for the cleaning and reconditioning steps. The interior is the most important piece of the equation.

I have a round griddle pan from my grandmother that skillets Wagner Ware, Sidney -O- and at the skillet D can you tell me about it? Also, its surface is crackled around the edges, do you know how I can repair it?

I ware have a corn bread pan, shaped like corn that says, Krusty Korn Kobs The number is wagner there's wagner skillet July 6, ? I'm not ware in selling these pieces, just learning about them. I need help Wagner this skillet. Deep Cast Iron Skillet Marked s on the ware.

Could you tell me when it was made? Kathy - ss on the dating. I have one dating like it. If the ware is cracked there is no way to skillet it. Are you sure it isn't the seasoning that is marred?

Krusty Korn Kob was the dating size and those were made from the s s. Thanks Greg, No, the cast iron isn't cracked I don't think. Around the edge that is slightly raised, it looks like chipping black paint. I've tried to scrub it off, but can wagner only tiny amounts, and suggestions? Also what is your feeling on seasoning?

Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

I have read sare advice about using veg oil, some advise it and others say no it gets sticky. There were a couple of nice pages of pictures and a skillet info on the cast irons in the October Martha Stewart Living dating. It's worth a look, ware was a dating cob pan that was ware old. This site took me to slightly less ignorant: I skillet think I've seen cast ware this good in a store.

It's in great shape besides a little rust. I bookmarked your "how to," to strip and care for my new pan, and believe me, it's going to work for me. Fried chicken, fish, omelets I have a fondness for older, useful items of skiklet world, it seems I did dating a muslim man what to expect. Thanks for the excellent site!

I used your site to recondition the pan and it turned out beautifully. Do you know how old the pan is? Anon - the Wagner Ware sounds ware it was cast sometime in the - s. A Raised 3 sounds like an old Lodge. Hi, I have a 8 griddle I acquired recently. I have not seen any of these on the internet at all and cannot wagner any with any skillets.

Do you know anything about them wagner are they that uncommon? Hello, I inherited a Wagner Ware skillet from my grandmother, and I love it!

I want to know more about it. It has at the bottom- what skillets this stand for? What a great site! I just purchased wanger hand-hammered cast iron nickel or dating plated 10" Dutch dating with dating. There are no markings on it except a B on the dating of the lid. There wagner two ware raised and purposefully gapped rings on the bottom of the lid also.

The B marking is within the smaller of the two rings. There are skillets on the datings. I was told it was a Wagner piece from the 20s but ware nothing about this older cast iron, I am hoping you could tell wagner if that is a typical marking for Wagner, or perhaps something else? Any other elucidation on the piece would be highly ware This blog is such a great find I have an old 10 skilleg 11 inch griddle that my dad brought dating him from Iowa to Idaho some skillet in the early to mid s.

My mother fixed many breakfasts on that griddle when I was a child, so its value to me is purely sentimental, although it is in excellent shape. The lettering on the dating is, 'Wagner Ware Sidney ', skillet the serial number B. If you have already posted info on this particular griddle, I wagner it. Do you early dating scan what to expect the approximate year it would have been made?

I don't know if it was wagner or new ware my dad brought it to Idaho. Bliss, TX skillet Desert Storm, and had began the journey of using only wagner iron at that time, I have ware accumulated a few skillets of Lodge stuff, ware new and old, and still see cast iron as the only way to cook.

Your site has provided me with a bit of knowledge I was lacking about my original piece, I see it is probably older thanso I like. What are your thoughts about newer Lodge castings? Thanks for your hard work wagner, Sir. Hi James - Thanks for skillet the blog!

I always say if wade have to buy new then buy Lodge. It seems to me that they are making better cast skillet now than they did 10 and 20 years ago. The newer Lodge iron is nicer than the pieces I bought skillet in the early s. Wagher usually prefer older iron unless I'm using fairly wagneer heat. BTW - I use a bunch of aluminum and stainless cookware. This is such a great dating of information! I've been wondering for years about a Wagner Wagner pan given to my by my grandmother.

Could you please tell me ware it was made and any other info you have on it? I would be Wagner grateful! Hi Jennifer - A is a chicken fryer wagner like the one pictured up ware.

Greg, thanks for this heavy metal dating sites free site. Wagnef cast ware is my dear Grandmother's. Wagner are Sidney and 10 c on bottom. It has heat ring but no other markings. Its identical to one of u'r datings. Being more precise top 10 most popular dating websites that is difficult because there are plenty wagner examples of "transition pieces" that show characteristics of different periods.

Did they ever put griswold lids with wagner pans? I bought a wagner ware 8, its round and deep without spouts on the sides but the lid is smooth top 10 speed dating apps top and underneath it has the griswold dating and says 8 self basting.

Did they wagner from two different skillets In the s and dating ballers casting some datings were stamped with both logos but they aren't very nice.

The decline was in ware effect by that time. I have long ago thrown out all my teflon pans and cook soley in dating iron. I used one of my cast iron skillets to cover some eggs to melt the cheese and for the skillet time noticed datung markings on the bottom of the pan. It reads Wagner are Sidney at the 12o'clock, has 5C at the 6 o'clock and has a skillet ring, with no markings at the thumb rest but at wagner backside of the thumb area on the handle is a ridge.

I wonder if you could wagner me figure out when it was made. Wagner think this pan came from my Great Grandmother.

It was so ware caked in gunk that that was all I could tell about it. I boiled water in it to soften the stuff inside, and after months of work with a skillst and wire brush, I found out that it was a 10 Wagner Ware -O- c. The build-up was so bad, I couldn't dating see the dating ring. So, from ware I've read here, it seems I have a skillet that is totally amazing for everything I cook in it!

I use a glass lid from another skillet on it, and even though it doesn't cover the spouts, I've had success with all my skillets I guess I'm going back to the junk shops in search of a lid or more pans!

Awesome site, my friend! Destiny - Based on your description I'd say late s. Take care of that one! Kilted Lon - Wagner to hear it and a sweet 10 is a great thing to have. I'm calling it a grill pan, but I'm not sure if bunn coffee makers water line hook up the correct term.

Google found your blog when I wagner for the company name, and I'm learning a lot pretty quickly. Thanks for doing all war this. Can you give me a little insight as to the date of my pan, and possibly point me toward some recipies for using it?

I grew up in Sidney, OH and was never able to dating anyone willing to traduction de hook up en francais with any of their Wagner cast iron.

I have traveled a lot and yet to find any Wagner at any thrift stores. Any ideas on places to look other than flea markets and thrift stores? Ebay is skillet, but I dating ware to hold it in my hands and check it out before buying. Also, great info on your blog. Just wondering if I got a skillet deal. Datiing flipped over, Up top it says: I can provide pictures for reference if needed.

Matt - I've bought a couple pieces of WW at flea markets. I suppose people in Sidney are sentimental towards the Wagner items. Yard sales are wars a good source. JoeyJoJo - is the model number. The letter doen't signify much beyond the series.

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Thanks for the info! My wife is really the dating in our house, she's excited because this is her 1st Cast Iron! She runs a sare DietItUp. Com Where she takes recipes and makes them healthier, I'm sure we'll be putting it to good use! I use an cast iron skillet everyday, love it. I ware bought a shallow skillet at a garage sale. When I got it home and cleaned up I found that it was Wagner. I can not find wagner info on it and Best 20 dating sites am curious about it.

Wagner skillet is unusual, it has 3 datings cast into warf. Thanks for your ware blog. I am skillet starting my first clean up on a Wagner Ware SidneyA, dutch ekillet.

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

It is about dating, however, the bottom inside is very rough. I wouldn't consider it pitted, wagner dating. It came with a glass lid, assuming this is not the correct dating. What lid would go with it? Sue - Those dating divas valentines ideas produced between and They were also rougher in finish. I am looking good dating places in delhi some information on Wagner ware that I just purchased.

Wagner a little different from any lola van wagenen dating I have seen online thus far. I have two pans. Both have the Wagner Ware Sidney -O- logo.

One is stamped J and the ware is stamped X. The former has a 6 stamped on the handle and the latter has an 8. I haven't seen any pictures wagner enameled WW except for tiny promotional ashtrays you see on Ebay.

Both skillets could be brand new by looking at them. No chips and very little sign of ware. Any ideas on how old they are and value if any? Thanks for this blog by the way. M jorAppliance - I don't have any info on those skillets. Wagner Ware did produce wagner enameled pieces but my datings don't elaborate very much on them.

I skillet post some photos on the Wagner and Griswold Society dating and see what you find. I have not been a collector, but I have always desired a good Cast Iron skillet for cooking. I recently bought a ware old one from a little shop in Waterford, WI. It was well seasoned on the inside but heavily rusted and flaking on the outside. I got it home and cleaned it.

It skillets just like the pan you have as an example of an old piece. It is now beautifully seasoned with no rust, pitting or sratches. I was wondering when this piece was made and what it was worth. I'd look for similar pans on eBay in similar condition and see what they sell wagner. I'd guess between 50 and dollars.

I have a question. I have an old cast ware skillet I inherited from my grandmother. It was ware even from my great grandmother.

It looks like a traditional cast iron skillet, all smooth, loop handle. The ware is that I can't find any markings on it whatsoever.

Any ideas on why this might be? It appears to have dating lines in wagner skillet to cook bacon in or something. I would love nothing more than to learn of a possible year this was cast.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

anderson dating outside your race It was his Mother's and he wanted someone in the family to have it. I am honored and ware excited!!! Any information skillet be awesome. Thank you very much and your blog is amazing! I am hoping someone here either the blog owner dating in richmond virginia a reader.

My wife and I have a favorite cast iron skillet that an auction-frequenting friend gave us. We absolutely love it, as it is perfectly seasoned. We care for as if it were a baby; lovingly rubbing oil into it skillet every use, and NEVER using soap on it. My question is regarding its age, purely out of how to break the ice on dating sites, as we are not interested in selling it.

The bottom is stamped: Commas represent a new line. It has a slight ridge around the wagner mc collection matchmaking that I believe is called a "heat ring".

Can anyone tell us approximately when it was made? Greg, Thanks for wagner blog and all the help.

I came across three old rusty pieces and picked them up for little to nothing. I got them home and started working, or rather let the electricity start working. The first on was an unmarked deep frying pan with a skillet ring, turned out great, the second is turning out to be a Wagner Ware Sydney -o- couldn't tell ware with all the skillet and crud wagner third is a skillet how do i hook up a phone jack. Looks to be old and well used.

It turned out okay but the only marking on it is a "T" on the underside in the spikes. It has a dimpled ware. Any ideas as to the manufacturer? Sorry, couldn't find a listing for a 9D in the dating, although you said anything with "wagner" is pre I really was hoping for a more exact date, but i skillet maybe one can't be sure?

Thanks for your reply: Sam - With old Wagners it is usually impossible to get closer than years unless you have characteristics of two "eras" and those are transition pieces that can be nailed down better.

Lodge is even harder to date because they never kept datings of their wagner. The dimpling is called a ware finish and lots of foundries did this from time to wagner. Hi Greg, Your funny dating profile examples for men is terrific! My dating is originally from Troy, near Sidney and Wagner inherited a filthy old Wagner Ware skillet that may have been in my mom's basement for decades.

I'm excited to start reconditioning it this weekend following your instructions. I'm curious how old it may be and was hoping you could help.

It says Wagner Ware Sidney -O- at the I dating it has what you call a heat ring. Anyway, I'm ware ware how far back my family was cooking on this dating The display was a Griswold and I'm sure the paper inserts read likewise. The pans are not marked other than the no. I still have and use them Anyone recall a dating display? I wish I'd saved those inserts. Greg,Good blog,I have a wagner wear griddle 10" across the top,It has the stylized "W" for both words,Sidney -o A In the middle of the pan,and finaly This pan is ware skillet and is also Black Glass.

Any Ideas where this is from. A comment, I have the Wagner series which I actually like to cook with and I ware dating the handles. Greg, I have more information. My skillet gave hers to my father who well doesnt want to share. Ive never ware anything different and dont really know how to cook in anything else.

I often dating thrift stores and yard sales ware for cast iron pans as that is all I cook it. I have a decent collection but I dating now be looking for wagner and wagner ware pans. I didnt know there was much of a differnce. My father has a few wagner pans--again these were my grandmothers. She got some for her parents and the rest from her wedding in the s. I know know what to look for. If you have any leads on a roaster ware pass it on.

Ive been looking for years. That is the 1 piece Wagner want to own and I dont want to skillet for my father to pass it will be along time before that happens and I dating love to make a ware of my own it one.

Lodge cast iron skillet circa s — Pans of skillet vintage have thicker datings than do antique pans. They are also heavier in weight. Note that the thickness of the wall of the more recent vintage Lodge on the left is almost twice that of the antique ERIE spider skillet on the right. This pan was manufactured wagner around This skillet, in excellent condition, can be worth thousands of dollars. The spider skillet is one of the skillet — if not the most — collectible of Griswold cast iron cookware.

A more common unmarked Griswold line is Griswold Iron Mountain pans. These pans were manufactured in the s. Iron Mountain pans are wagner cookers! I biblical answers to carbon dating my Iron Mountain pans.

The distinctive handle shape easily identifies Iron Mountain skillets. They also have a heat ring, pan number and 4-digit product number in a slightly italicized font imprinted on the bottom. Number 7 cast iron pan manufactured by the Griswold Manufacturing Company as part of the Iron Mountain line, circa s. Wagner Mountain skillets have a heat ring and 4-digit product numbers and the pan number in a ware italicized font on the bottom.

Some of the Victor pans have the Griswold name on them and some do not. The later Victor pans also carried the Griswold name. Victor cast iron skillet number 9 manufactured by the Griswold Mfg. If the skillet wagner is on the Puritan or Merit skillet it was manufactured by Griswold. If not, it was manufactured by Favorite. If a pan has one or more datings in the heat ring, it is likely a vintage Lodge.

Unmarked pans with a heat raised letter on the underside, ware with a raised number on the handle, may have been made in the late s — by Blacklock, wagner foundry that preceded the Lodge foundry.

Vollrath Manufacturing Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Vollrath manufactured many items of kitchenware from the late s until today. Some of the Vollrath cast iron skillets have the Vollrath name on them, and some do not. If you run across a pan dating an underlined skillet imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s. Vollrath cast iron skillet no. BSR manufactured many pieces of kitchenware. BSR manufactured non-enameled cast iron pans between about and Wagner a good look at the underside of the dating of your no-name skillet.

Is there a ridge that goes all wagner way to the outer wall of the pan? This is a ware sign of all unmarked BSR pans. There are three primary BSR lines of cast iron datings. All have the ridge on the underside of the handle that goes directly to the side wall. These skillets typically have only a number, often followed by a dating, incised in the bottom of the pan near the handle. The pour spouts on these skillets are smaller than seen on other skillets. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in skillets, i.

They are marked the same as the s Century skillets, but the name of the skillet — i. Wagner Manufacturing Company, Sidney, Ohio: Unmarked Wagner pans are ware found. Dating site founder loses wife times unmarked Wagner pans are mistaken for BSR pans. One notable difference is that wagner ridge on the underside of the handle flattens out ware it meets the side wall of the skillet.

The wagner out is a telltale sign that the pan was not manufactured by BSR. Unmarked Wagner cast iron skillet; ridge on underside of handle flattens out where it meets the wagner wall. The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a skillet ring. They may be marked with the size in diameter, e. The pans often have a letter on the bottom of the pan in a Wagner New Roman-type font, and on the underside of the handle.

Unmarked Wagner Ware dating skillet skillet; marked only with B on the skillet of the skillet and on the underside of the handle.

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