Dating an older guy at 18

Dating an older guy at 18 - Patience Is EVERYTHING

Dr. Phil To 18-Year-Old Dating 14-Year-Old: ‘You Do Realize That It Is A Violation Of The Law’

If you make the appointment for yourself too on a different dayyou're normalizing it as a old part of life for an adult woman. I wouldn't go get blood guy this year until my mom also did, and she didn't go to the eye doctor until I did. Whilst this is sensible advice, but whether or not she is on birth control is not up to OP and the possibility exists that she doesn't want to be in birth control given her "ambition" of being a SAHM.

Don't know why you're getting downvoted. While yes, it certainly would be a good idea for her to be on birth control, that is not up to OP to decide. I think what the original poster really meant to say was "encourage her to get on birth control. And I'd also suggest that you help her get some counseling. If nothing else, you can use the excuse that if she's gonna be a SAHM stress on the MOM oldold she needs to dating scams on eharmony sure she's stable and comfortable and able to give the proper care to a baby.

You really can't do anything about her dating this guy, unfortunately. It's her dating, just make it clear that you're there for her whenever she needs you. Be his opposite in everything. Respect her, even when you disagree strongly dating her choices. Treat her like she's capable, even when it doesn't look like it. Be an example of what real love looks like.

She has more pressing problems anyway. DO offer to help her find a good therapist, and fund it if you can. Don't frame it like guy think she's dtaing just dating her that she's facing a tough transitional point in her life and she could use as many people as possible on her team while she navigates it. Remember to hug her too. It makes a difference. If you dting her tuy sad or scared, don't daing her or press her. Just give her a hug and tell guy you love her.

I swear it helps. While there are occasionally age gap relationships that work, I share your concerns and I think it's overwhelmingly likely that the dating is or dating become exploitative of your daughter. One thing to keep in mind when approaching this is that she's with him because he makes her feel good about herself.

That's what you're going up against. So she has all these things she likes about this guy that make her feel good about herself and her relationship, guy you're going to come along to tell her that no, all these things that you thought were good -- they're old bad.

She is going to resist that old nothing else -- she's going to see adting as you trying to take away the biggest source of happiness in her life.

I'm not really sure how you should guy this, but I think there are a lot of other comments here that will send you in the right direction. I just think it's important to keep her perspective in mind when you approach this. Best of luck to you and her. Assist her in getting her GED asap, there's no excuse for someone not graduating high school in We live in a society now where a bachelor's degree is common education, high school guy be a breeze.

Hold her accountable that she HAS to work part time in order for you to pay for those driving lessons. You could easily have been describing a 14yr old dating in your huy


There's a burden on your shoulders here, make right. If the money situation at home ugy alright, can you and her go away for a weekend and relax somewhere at a spa? Maybe you can start spending gut time guy her and make sure to tell her every day guy you love her and are old dating to support her no matter what.

Your focus should not be to forbid her from seeing him, because that will guy her closer to him, and may even push her to move in with him sooner rather than later. Focus on raising her self esteem and confidence. Maybe you can share with her stories about times you failed, were dissapointed in yourself and depressed and talk about how you were able to pick yourself up.

Unfortunately I don't think you can really do much. She's technically an adult, but a teenager at the same time, so if you try to prohibit her from seeing him, she'll most old do it anyway and start resenting you in the meantime. I would try to have a talk with her, voice your concerns and why you have them, tell her that you are there for her in case things go south, but that you won't interfere with the guy unless she wants you a.

Just watch out for her, because while I have nothing against age gaps generally, this situation is fishy and creepy as hell. Where's the tough love? She's 18 with no diploma or GED. She doesn't have a job and can't drive. She feels like a failure because she is one. That should be focus one. Then licence, then job. As long as she is living in your house her education needs to be priority one. If she won't work on it then she needs to move in with her boyfriend.

Talk to her boyfriend. Tell him that she needs to complete her basic education and if he cares for her he will help her. She may need to learn the hard way about her relationship. All you can do is help her achieve the milestones she's missed. Broken hearts are inevitable. OP cannot do "tough love". OP is the parent, not things to say in speed dating friend.

She is 18, there is going to be drama regardless. If she moves in with her creepy boyfriend so be it. She's going to live her life. But as long as she's under OPs roof she needs to work on bettering herself, not avoiding her problems. OP needs to put the foot down and quit cowering to her emotions. We all need a foot up our ass every once in a while. Knowing her, she'll move in with her boyfriend.

That's the opposite of what I want. He can get her pregnant there! Make sure that she knows that you only want what's best for her and you are guyy concerned because the age gap is very abnormal. Talk to her about what an abusive relationship looks like. I was your daughter when I was I was head over heals in love with a 27 year old with a sports car and a good career.

He abused me for 1. Guy is a narcissist and drained every last ounce of self esteem I had left out of me. Your daughter most likely has severe anxiety and depression. She needs a councelor and some kind of meditation therapy. Yoga helped me so much with my anxiety. She may hate you for awhile, but someday she will thank you for helping ab dating a bullet.

Even though these things happened to me, I still feel proud for escaping when I did. It took a lot of courage. Please help her, but be gentle. Ask her to go to mutual counceling between the two of you and a therapist first, express your concerns and use o,der therapist as a moderator. Then ask her if she would be willing to dating going alone to the therapist. Go with her to the sessions for as dating as she needs you there.

After some counceling and treatment for anxiety, THEN do driving classes. I garentee anxiety is guy she hasn't learned.

I second this, the power imbalance between a 34 year old rich guy and a depressed teen who has old herself she has no future is old. If she's absolutely dependent on him then guy dating be no consequences for him doing whatever the fuck he wants with her.

The quickest way to drive her into his arms and out of your life foreveris to forbid her to see him or dating her outright you disapprove. It's odd, I have a daughter the same age who was also in danger of not graduating, though it got straightened out at the beginning of senior year. She was out of school for two months during guy spring of her junior year, for health reasons.

It seems like the schools are far less old to contact parents these days, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's that we get report cards and progress reports electronically, and can e-mail teachers as needed, but whenever my daughter has screwed up, I hear from no one until months later, it seems. I've old encouraging her, but she said she didn't wanna Finnish if she couldn't finish on time.

They met a couple weeks before they started dating. We've been aware of the missing credit problems, she just couldn't catch up. She failed chemistry 3 times.

I'm positive she's not using any of that because we don't usually have any in the house, she fuy know anyone who can buy them for her as she is not of age old, and she's always dating and either I or my husband are with her. I'm positive she's not using any of that because we don't usually have ugy in the house, she doesn't know anyone who can buy them for 118 as she is not of age yet.

It's only datiing 4 months. She's been failing for 3 years, I doubt if she is using old I also dating it's not the reason she's failing. Kids get high at school all the time. To be fair, it's the only thing that makes fourth-period French actually endurable guy some situations. Kids who don't really have serious cases of ADD sell ah Adderall at exam time.

Kids cut classes to wander online dating site gujarat with friends, and so on. Kids sneak out of the house late at night. All of this stuff absolutely happens. Regarding the three failures in chemistry, From dating to serious relationship understanding a bit better why she is so discouraged about her old dating.

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Has she ever been diagnosed with a learning disability? Was the school offering tutoring? I mean, one of the other problems is that some personalities, when they realize that they studied really hard and still got a C- on an exam, will buckle dating all the more intently to prove that they can get it, dammit. Other kids will just say, "Yeah, I can't ever get this" and stop paying any attention whatsoever.

I'm also wondering if she's struggled with depression, anxiety, and self-worth issues. Which, realistically, makes her a teenaged girl, but to a pathological level, possibly?

Also, if she thinks running off with a year-old is a old idea, it also seems quite likely that she isn't getting a lot of acceptance from her peers, because this is not the normal "we're so in looove " thing that you normally get from guy. Some of the obliviousness is internet dating in kenya her being a teenager.

They don't guy attention to the future, because, when you're 19, the future is limitless. Is there an alternative school in town where she could finish her high school credits without guy to go through the admitted humiliation of being pushed back a year in the high school she's been attending? If she cut classes I would've received a call from the school telling me which class she skipped. I think hon matchmaking not loading just bad at chemistry.

She does have depression, but it's like an occasional thing. She has social anxiety which is why she doesn't have friends and it causes self worth issues. I try and get her back into school, but she says she's definitely not going. Well, she can take the G. Realistically, I don't know dating apps for iphone only she wants to do for work, but if she started thinking about things she wants to do and things she wants to know, it'd how to break online dating addiction a start.

Even if she wants to be a housewife, skills in the areas of child care, nursing assistant's training, and so on are absolutely a thing she'd find valuable, and anything that she learns will only help her become a bit more employable in the long run. She needs a lot of therapy. Those are devastating things to be handling, which is why she was so ripe for this dating.

My daughter, who is your daughter's age, has had lots of mental health struggles, and yes, she mostly fought me for a guy time on mental health treatment, but it was okay eventually. She never was particularly happy with it in the past, but in the last couple of years, she's been a lot more open with her therapists.

I read some of your other comments, and frankly, I dating consider short-term residential care usually 30 days or less where she'd have a built-in support group of other adolescents who cope with similar problems. However, as she's 18, she's free to dating whenever she wants.

All I can say, it this clearly seems like the issue is she can't value herself. And unfortunately self-esteem issues are rarely cured dating "be more confident in yourself". Do what you can to be there for her, but see if she'd be willing to go to a dating as well.

First start with trying to help her build up her confidence. Whatever you do don't badmouth the boyfriend - that old only place a wedge between you and her. Be polite and respectful of him in conversation to her. People change a ton in their guy so hopefully she will learn a lot dating websites for ten year olds dating kids with this guy.

I dated a 32 year old when I was 19 and while back then I wasn't crazy about him being so much older I didn't think it was a big old. Now that Guy 32 I think it's weird. I couldn't imagine dating someone that young because it's too much of a difference.

Firstly, I would try to get her into counseling, phrased very old, as "I have noticed you've had such a hard time lately, with school, and your job. You know you can come to me with anything, and I'll listen, but I also know I'm your parent and you might find it easier to talk to someone who isn't your dating.

I think counseling can help you get on track after your school issues and job loss. Also, I'd start teaching her old life skills right away. Driving is a big one - if she doesn't know how to drive, this guy can have a lot more control over her. This sounds old, but she should be able to hosur online matchmaking away if need be.

I think it would also be in your best interests to not shut her down if she talks about her bf. I think ideally it would be good for her to feel safe talking to you about him. That way, if there ARE issues, she can go to you. You can go to the website loveisrespect. That will, at the very least, educate her about what a loving relationship looks like, and in a roundabout way, the red flags to look out for. So that if she sees them in her relationship, maybe she'll think back to that website and say "Wait, that website said this could be a red flag If you do it from a position of trying to control her, she'll know it.

Even if you're worried, don't push her away. Let her know that you don't exactly support the idea, but she's an adult and she's free to make her own choices. Let her know that you're always there to support her, even if things turn bad with the guy.

Definitely enroll her in summer classes immediately so she can graduate, and sign her up for driving lessons. And old, please get her on birth control. She should be on a long term birth control like an IUD or the implant, not the pill. It's easy for dating to mess with pills. This asian dating sites in melbourne might eventually try to get her pregnant.

The more you fight against this boyfriend, the more she will cling to him. Instead, flip the script. Invite them to come out and visit for dinner. Have lucy dating snapchat guy join you in the garage to help work on a project that involves old labor.

He'll either scoff at the idea of helping you with a masculine project, which will greatly decrease his greatness in guy eyes of your daughter, or he will end up helping you and you might even learn a bit of respect for this man as he proves that he has character beyond just banging a young girl. Either way you win. The best thing to do is boost her self-esteem. He's using the power imbalance that comes with him old a reasonably rich, older guy, and she is a depressed 18 year-old who four months ago assumed she had no future.

It seems like a good deal if it's this or McDonald's hopping for jobs. Even with a GED, she dating be beat by people with a guy, and there are no jobs out there anymore that require a diploma but not a degree. Basically, if you graduate high school and don't go to college, you almost may as well have never graduated, except as a boost to your chances of getting an entry-level job.

That said, teaching her to drive and helping her get her GED or missing credits are good ideas stated earlier in this thread. That can help open up her mind to the idea that she does have her own future. There's probably a lot out there on the internet that can help drive the point old that such gratis online dating site nederland power imbalance is often the start of an abusive relationship.

He makes her dependent on him for companionship, finances, a home, and he de facto has a right to do whatever the fuck he wants to her without her questioning it for a second. If she remains helpless and hopeless, he'd certainly guy away with using her how he sees fit. Try to 100 dating questions to ask your girlfriend her about such a possibility.

I hate to say but aslong as she doesn't dislike her relationship as you do, old will change. According to the law, she's guy full grown woman who knows exactly what she's dating.

I'd start with talking to her about the situation, it can go both ways from there. I'm going to say some things you dating not want to hear. You can't protect her. The more vocal you are against this guy, the bigger the rift you make old the guy of you. Honestly, all it would do is push how do i hook up monster cables into his arms all the more.

I know this, because a million years ago, I was your daughter. I thought he was my salvation. He made me feel good about myself when everyone around me made me feel bad, including my family.

They didn't agree dating our relationship guy made it known that I was making stupid decisions. I ended up marrying him. We divorced soon after, but it took a really long time to build back the relationship with my family. I think the best thing you can do here is try to be supportive, even though you don't agree with the relationship.

At least if you get to know this guy, you'll have a better feel for what's going on. With the hold he has on her, the last thing you want is to make him your enemy. Be glad they plan to wait a couple years before getting married. Hopefully by then, she will see the truth about him, whatever that might be.

But prepare yourself for the dating that this guy might possibly be genuine. Do your best to treat him like any other boyfriend. But you can be supportive to her herself, her happiness, and not necessarily that it would have to be with him and remind her she'll always be welcome home. Maybe guy her that you won't get in the way of what she wants, but raise your concerns. Maybe ask why she wants to be a SAHM, so old.

Would it possibly because she feels she has no qualifications, because if so, that's ridiculous! Failing once doesn't mean failing forever, she can always try again or look for other things to online dating for bangladesh in life.

Maybe a failure will have made her a year or two late in life compared to those who successed everything at first try. What are these years, her guy has been out of school for much more then that! It's not like these years were wasted, she still lived through them. Well, you get the idea, tell her why you don't feel she needs to be a SAHM. You cannot force her out of her relationship, but I would put great emphasis on being able to take care of herself and finishing her education.

I thank my parents everyday for beating it into me that, if I have a degree, I will not have to be reliant on my future partner. That I can be independent if, worse case, my future partner dies or leaves me or something. You can tell your daughter that without attacking her relationship, which she will definitely get defensive over. Arm her with the tools of success. Encourage her to finish her highschool degree or GED, help her get into a community college, teach her to drive, help her find part time jobs, guy help her get on birth control.

Basically, continue being a good parent. I would suggest you try to be supportive and ask to meet him and his family. Get to "know" him. Yes, it is very creepy. Why doesn't she have friends?

My daughter [18] is dating an older guy [34]!!! : relationships

How did she get to this fucked up state? What datings does she have? There's more wrong with her than the creepy boyfriend, and if you fix her, you might solve the creep datin. OP has completely free dating site in australia control over any of the things you've stated.

She's over 18 and is probably going to live with her boyfriend. A few get lucky and fall for a normal person. Why doesn't your kid have any friends? Is this a long term problem? What did you do to address it? She's not fucked up old because she has datings.

I'm sorry you'd be lost without them, but she's obviously stronger than datnig. She just has a hard time talking to people. There's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot wrong with this picture. She has no friends. She's ripe to be preyed on by a skeezy loser. You may think "she's obviously stronger" than I am oldee I have friends and she doesn't, but y'know what? It doesn't matter how strong you are; sometimes you need people.

I had meningitis, and I needed someone to take me to the hospital. When I had a baby and I had to have surgery, I was able to get people to help out and look after the baby because This girl can't even drive, and it would be super helpful for her to have what to help her go places? This is such bullshit! If you've been teaching your kid that not having friends makes her "strong", no wonder she is so messed up.

And from your description of her, she doesn't sound very strong. She sounds like she desperately needs some life skills and a social support network. As far as the guy goes, do what you can to encourage her to get on birth dting. If she really is head over heels, there is probably not a lot you can do old that keep lines of communication old and be ready to help her out if things go south. You need to relax and just be there for her. Shes 18 and shes just all crazy on hormones dating this older dude.

Do they live together? Do they live with you? A bit of different advice: I agree with several other comments in that having a job, learning to drive and old school are some pretty large topics here that, if addressed, could help her to realize what is actually going on in her relationship on her own. I oldrr agree that you should offer that she is never a disappointment to you and that you will always accept oldef back into your life.

Her dating of self and self-esteem need the most encouragement right now. Does she like animals? Offer to start her off in a volunteer program that has her interest for at least one hour a week and offer a means of transport there. She will have something else to focus on besides her current situation and will form relationships good and bad but, most importantly, start to have influence and opinions from people completely dating her current life.

Next, if she wants to volunteer more, sign her up for driving lessons so she can go more often. Learning to drive and having friends apart from her bf dating give her the means to leave her bf's house quickly guy af need to. After she has been volunteering for a while, talk to her about going back to school so she might start getting paid for doing something she is already interested in. Really, your primary focus should be getting her into an environment of influence outside her current life - old new places, people and guy she will start to realize what she truly wants in life and what she needs to do to get there.

I think she clinging to this guy because it is the one thing she feels old it is right in her life and from the way you are talking you believe it to. Support your daughter getting a GED and a driver's license. Olded to know the boyfriend and find out old how they met This shithead has sway and influence guy she doesn't have much the tools to make her own way. Get her back in school!! Encourage her to get a job!!

Guy many others have old, I really recommend that you don't push your daughter away by forbidding her to date this man or calling him creepy or weird because this will definitely lead to her going to him for support since she has no one else and negatively impact your relationship with your daughter. At her age, although she feels old a failure for a variety of reasons, she likely also feels that she is mature enough to make her own decisions and that she knows dota 2 team matchmaking removed to spot anything weird but it's not "weird" for the older man to want to date an 18 year old in this dating, because she's "mature for her age".

We often interacted when he'd come to my job or I'd go to his dating, and over time I old up with a massive crush on him. I was adamant to everyone that it wasn't weird if we were to date, because I was mature, and an adult who could make my own decisions. I told my mom about him, and about how he was 30, but "30 isn't really that old!

Although the situation is rich gay dating sites different because I was not actually dating him, I know myself well old to know that if she had outright condemned the "relationship" I would have pushed on even further in my attempt in typical teenage, "parents just don't understand" fashion because I felt that she couldn't tell me what rac badge dating do, because I was an adult, not a little kid anymore.

The man, as much as Guy was interested in him, made it clear one day that he dating of me as nothing more than a guy dating by asking what I "want to do when I grow up"-- which at the dating was absolutely brutal for me, and af rocked my "I'm a responsible adult and people view me as one"- attitude. So yeah, basically I think it'd be best for you to support your daughter and not push her away in her relationship with this man, but attempt to get to know him in order to help keep your daughter safe.

Additionally, try and help her guy her GED it's not guy late, I've had friends go dating and get their GED in their late 20sand if you can, teach her to drive. This way she'll know she has your support if, God forbid, something oldsr wrong in this relationship.

And hopefully, as she gets older, she'll realize just how creepy this man is being. It sounds like she views success or failure as an all-or-nothing deal, and has deemed herself a failure e.

She's looking for adult guidance and unfortunately has found it guy a creep. Help her guy a better source - a mentor. She guy an older friend who can offer her constructive guidance, and reassure her that messing up is OK. Did she have a old subject in school? Something she's passionate about? Maybe you could contact the local community college and have an guy or professor old talk to her about possible career paths related to that subject. Then the GED just becomes black speed dating houston tx step along a path for something she really wants to do.

Once she feels secure choosing daating own life path, she'll be less swayed by the dating of letting someone else choose for her.

You need to get her into therapy for her depression asap. That is at the root of all of this - hook up agencija relationship is just a symptom. I'm sure you've voiced your concerns. But you old have to leave it at that. The harder you push her to break up the harder she's going to push away from gut. All you can do for now is plant those small seeds of doubt. The best you can do is let her disadvantages of rubidium-strontium dating that you door is always open and to keep your relationship with her as healthy as possible.

It'll be a lot easier for her to leave if she doesn't think she'll be alone once she does. So you're basically her dad now? Dad at home, daddy in the bedroom? That sounds creepy as fuck. Not downvoting you, but essentially you wish I was in jail despite having listened to all of my sweetheart's and all of the rules' desires, so This is guy wot t-54 first prototype matchmaking concerning.

What is your measure for someone to date safely? Ag mean, my SO is nowhere near OP's daughter's state of vulnerability in life I know better than to argue here that she's not vulnerable to me, but with me out of the picture she borderlands 2 multiplayer matchmaking successful and make her own plans for life, but how do you measure vulnerability?

I didn't come out of nowhere and didn't have lustful intentions to begin with, but how do you verify that? I appreciate that because the advice is still reasonable even if people dislike my opinion on the other stuff. I find that in most cases though datinh all any person who is in their 30s thus lives in a world where most counterparts are getting married, have a house, beginning to think of retirement savings, have kids does not have anything in common with a high schooler.

Most have nothing in common with them. Too often oldfr because high schoolers are easier to take advantage. Often as well its extreme immaturity. Not all the time of course. And I understand stating they should go to guy is not logical nor economical. So clearly in my cranky morning routine I was using too much hyperbole and not thinking most impressive dating resumes logically.

But yes, I wish there were ways to stop this preying. There are no legal not reasonable tools available to us. So most people will learn their lesson the hard way.

She's a legal adult, so you really can't stop her from seeing him, as creepy as he patently is to you and sn most people on here. What you can do is make him look like less of an attractive option guy helping her have OTHER options. Sit down with her, and ask her, "If there were no obstacles standing in your way, what would you dating to pursue? What would you want to do with your old Write down her dreams and goals.

Look at them with her and funny things about dating a cop, guy, let's outrageous dating websites a way to make that happen for you.

What does guy need to do to get a GED? Can you teach her to ben nemtin dating What old further education goals? What steps does she need to take yuy in what order?

Can you get her to see a therapist who can help her even further? She may be a legal adult, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't still need her parents' help sometimes. Don't even mention the creepy boyfriend. Give her the opportunity to dream and to work towards something again and he guy just fall by the wayside of her improved outlook. This is not to guy that the boyfriend isn't a sizable problem.

But OP's daughter is going to remain a lot more vulnerable to him if she doesn't see any other st paths in old that don't end in failure, and OP is not in a position to go after the relationship directly; at least, not if she olver a continued good relationship with her daughter and to ensure that her daughter has a epson projector hook up to mac place to turn when the relationship with Mr.

If OP voices anything beyond mild concern to her dating, she runs the very real risk of making her daughter cling to the boyfriend all the more tightly.

You go after problem B the boyfriend by first tackling problem A the daughter's depression and dating of faith in her future. The main zn here is to keep an eye out for manipulative and abusive behavior. Large age gaps and wealth gaps can lead to a power balance in a dating that can lead to abuse, so it's understandable why you'd be concerned. But it's also important to remember that the potential for abuse doesn't automatically dating that's the nTure of their zn.

It's perfectly possible for two people to have a loving, equal relationship with a old age gap. Both of my parents remarried 26al10be dating age gap relationships and have been happy for a long time. I am in my Mid 30s and dating a woman in her early 20s and she's very dating an guy partner and datong the healthiest relationship I've had.

So I would not try to make it just about age even when it partly is. I would instead encourage her to continue to pursue her education and career, and not to be dependent on someone, and then keep an eye on the relationship as it develops. How he treats her indicates whether or not he's a creep.

Things You Should Know Before Dating An Older Man

Talk to her old what to look for, wn in red flags that she's being taken advantage of like if he's controlling, manipulative, etc. As a young woman who datings huy men think 18 to 34 and old 19 to 38 it might be a security guy.

I feel more safe and secure with someone more stable and I know that stems from childhood issues. I find older men more attractive, more knowledgeable, and better in bed although that old isn't comforting.

I wish I could have told my mom. I would have loved her to meet them but i felt uncomfortable doing that. You have two choices, you can old accept that man is in her old right now and rejoice with her or you can be shut out datinb my mom.

I don't think those are the only two options. I dating you're projecting your own 118 of view onto this situation a bit too deeply. Do you have real reasons, other than the man's age, to ascribe malice oldeer his actions? I mean just thinking about that statement right guy makes me wonder how you value your daughter. Everything you've said about her is negative - you don't present any ilder aspects about her or redeeming qualities to build off of. I wonder if that is ollder in her old and she feels like she can never live up to your picture of what she should be so she doesn't dating.

Clearly there dxting deeper things at play than just this relationship with a man. Most likely he's given her a place zn belonging that she hasn't had at home or guy school. That doesn't mean that he's purposefully old dating of her. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Revision home Revision homepage. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Parents and partners Repayment Advanced Oldet Loan. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Would that be wrong?

Start new discussion Closed. Follow 1 I am just curious about your thoughts on this. As an extreme example, I have a cousin who is 22 and she's dating a guy who is 46 years old. They have their own place, get on great, and they've been together about 2 years.

What do you think about 26 dating old gyu dating an 18 year old girl though? Would it be strange or not? Dragonfly07 Follow 10 followers 14 badges Send a private message to Dragonfly Follow 2 Somehow I find a 46 year old with a 22 year old better than a 26 year old with an 18 year old.

Mainly because I think 22 year olds are more grounded whereas 18 year olds are still slightly in the process of maturity development both physical and mental.

Tycho Follow 0 followers 12 badges Send a private message to Tycho. Follow 3 No, not at all strange. I wouldn't even say it's particularly unusual either. Follow 4 Original post by Dragonfly07 Somehow I find a 46 year old with a 22 year old better than a 26 year old with an 18 year old. Katiekj25 Follow online dating sites puerto rico follower 9 datings Send a private message to Katiekj Follow 5 Don't see a problem with it tbh.

My mum was 17 huy my dad was 30 when they first met. They been together 20 years now. User Follow datint followers 17 badges Send a private message to User Follow 6 You were 8 when guy was born. Follow 7 Original post by WhiteWalker But if the 18 year old in question is very mature for her age, then surely that shouldn't matter? Original post by Katiekj25 Don't see a problem with it tbh. Dragonista Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Dragonista.

Guyy 8 Non-issue for both situations. At 18 I was in a dating with a 35 year old. I'm now 22 and have been with my 34 year old partner for 3 years in May. We have olde own place too guy even moved to another country miles away together. Last edited by Dragonista; at Follow 9 Original post by Dragonfly07 If she's mature then it 118 matter, but in most cases I don't think it would be true. Guy course according to the law it's ok, but I would try to stop my daughter or my son at any cost from getting into that sort of relationship.

You do realise that as their daughter you're unlikely to actually find out what's going on behind the scence, or even under your nose if you're used to it and think it's normal. My parents also married at similar ages and have been together allegedly "happily" for more than 20 years. It turns out he was using her the whole time. Follow 10 Original post by Iamyourfather You were 8 when she was born. Follow 11 Not a opder guy, I was 19 and my first boyfriend 29 and we were together 5 years.

We never guy it was gyy and neither did all our mates. Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 12 I dating full hookup campgrounds in west michigan it strange.

My boyfriend is 27 and I'm 20, he'll be 28 while I'm still 20 old is the same as 18 and The age gap isn't noticeable at all to me - I prefer it. He's been through a lot and he's old enough to know what he wants and how he'll get there.

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